JON PAUL- It Is Never Too Late To Become Successful

become successful
become successful

Possessing great motivation to become successful, regardless of your present times, is the surest way to reach your desired zenith. This is valuable for Jon, a husband, father of three, and the founder of a highly much happy dropshipping fulfillment company. Jon Paul worked in kitchens for ten years, and throughout that period, he and his wife struggled.

This was because they had no college education and so could not find good any jobs. But he never gave up on his dreams of becoming successful, and with sheer motivation and drive, he could meet the heights he desired.


Jon could work his way up to the position of executive chef even without formal training. However, the promotion came with greater responsibilities, and by the time he had worked in that position for about two years. It stressed him. He was working for about 70-80 hours a week for a salary of $55,000 per annum. Jon took stock of his situation and realized that with such a salary. He could never afford essential things like sending his children to college. He began thinking of various ways to improve his life. He tried applying for other chef positions in his town, but his lack of culinary training posed a significant barrier everywhere he used.

When this did not work out, Jon started looking for other ways to earn money to supplement his salary. Before long, a friend introduced him to Dropshipping, and since the upfront investment was low, he gave it a try. His investment paid off, and within three months, he was able to make far more than his chef salary.


Jon founded the drop shipping Fulfillment Company called the Titan 3PL. The company sources products from manufacturers directly and then ships them now to the customers. It means them for at a cheaper and faster rate than other companies. The Titan 3PL has a team of skilled negotiators, and it makes use of software that shows orders that have come in so they can fulfill as possible.

The company saves clients money, provides them with faster and more efficient shipping, and uses automated processes to monitor the shipping.

They base Titan 3PL in China and Canada but has plans to expand into the United States. It focuses the company on growing and avoids mistakes. That can diminish its clients’ trust, and it aims to help its clients succeed in their various businesses.

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