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Domain Checker tells you that someone already owns the domain you’re looking for. In this case ➔, read the alternative domain extensions recommended by our verification tool and see if those options work for you. – Or do another domain search using different terms for your new website.

What is a domain age tester and how does it work?

Domain age tester. The domain age is the difference between the date of the first registration of a domain and the current date. Over time, domain age has become an essential factor in ranking pages in search engine results. As an older person gets a domain, he gains more trust and authority in search engine algorithms.

How do I register a domain with a check domain?

Registering a domain with check domain is quick and easy: enter your preferred domain name into our domain checker and find out if it’s still available. Otherwise, our domain checker will suggest based on your search and show you a list of free domains.

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