Skiook: the gesture that solves your problems The website that makes you feel at home, even in Germany


Skiatook is not just a sound that means “all at once.” Today it is also the right website to mix the demand and supply of services that make life easier for free. It is dedicated to Italians living in Germany or moving there with the consequent need for time to settle. More than 600 thousand … Read more

Alex Bostanian – Taking the online world by storm

Alex Bostanian

Does It Ever Get Tough Having Such A Significant Online Presence? Nothing in life is harsh unless you allow it to be! There’s always a solution! There are occasional privacy and security concerns I have to deal with now and then, haha. Still, I think I’ve done a reasonably decent job in setting up the … Read more

Differences between vocational guidance and career guidance

Differences between vocational guidance and career guidance

There are a few key differences between vocational guidance and career guidance. Vocational guidance is all about helping people choose the right career path. It can be helpful for people who are struggling to decide on their future. On the other hand, career guidance is about helping people manage their careers. It can benefit people … Read more