Skiook: the gesture that solves your problems The website that makes you feel at home, even in Germany


Skiatook is not just a sound that means “all at once.” From today it is also the right website to mix demand and supply of services that make life easier for free. It is dedicated to Italians living in Germany or moving there with the consequent need for time to settle. More than 600 thousand people will be able to provide and receive services with Skiatook. The portal is available to anyone who can make life easier for others. Users can find freemasons, mechanics, electricians, architects, and commercial companies in a convenient search section. In fact, in Skiatook, it is also possible to inform you about the restaurant facilities. Just as easy for professionals to register. “Skiook was born to allow professionals to volunteer quickly and easily,” says Sara Curatelo, CEO and co-founder of the platform with her husband Domenico Andreano. “the client can freely look for the professional he needs, also evaluating him through a review system,” Andrea says: “The platform was born to solve our immediate need. My wife and I moved to Frankfurt from southern Italy. Interacting with serious professionals who speak our language is an advantage we perceive in everyday life. Founded in 2018, Skiatook provides the profiles of more than 200 professionals located throughout Germany and speaks Italian. Proximity and ease of understanding are two invaluable advantages, allowing all Italians living in Germany to have immediate and free feedback to resolve situations that would otherwise require more time without the security of a job performed as desired. Within, there is also a map that allows users to view the database professionals and the country quickly. Skiatook press office ArtCorner – Facebook Skiook

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