Differences between vocational guidance and career guidance

career guidance
career guidance

Differences Between Vocational Guidance And Career Guidance

Often, the terms “professional advice” and “career direction” are confused without actually considering it as a different concept. Next, we will explain what the main difference between vocational guidance and professional orientation is.

Still, first, it is convenient to clarify what exactly it is and what the direction implies, whatever type it is.

The orientation is based solely on it tends to give advice and advice. Still, this work carried out by individual professionals also covers other processes. Such as the in-depth knowledge of the circumstances of the person in question, their environment, and the current economic and labor situation.

Shows the result of how this can affect those mentioned above. In addition to all this knowledge and analysis, the counselor’s job will be to make the subject aware of all this, and the conclusions are drawn. Also, to help him make the right decisions to achieve his self-realization and development.

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What Is The Difference Between Professional And Vocational Guidance?

At this point, it is time to differentiate vocational guidance from career guidance. In general, vocational guidance consists of guiding the person to choose his vocation and, more specifically, his profession.

You should try to choose which type of work is most helpful in developing your career with the right advice. vocational guidance.

Meanwhile, the professional orientation will be the one that allows the person to receive advice throughout their career, which begins already with academic training.

Choose the path; you will find the necessary resources at your end. So that all decisions are taken along that way is well-aimed at achieving success (career guidance).

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The professional orientation will try to guide each person towards the acquisition of personal skills and knowledge, which are necessary to achieve success in the workplace.

The first step of this task will be to help the subject reach his complete self-knowledge. Knowing yourself, your virtues and limitations, as well as the opportunities present in the current market, will significantly help you to make the right decisions.


When committed/skilled, people start providing guidance. Only then can we build a better, more prepared, and happier society.
Suppose every one of us is committed to his choices, which makes him feel competent and adequately trained. Only then the results of his work will benefit us all.

This national personal, on-going consultation is like “mentoring” and will become even more vital if we refer to career guidance. Although in both cases, psychological assistance may also be necessary.

Yet it is in the case of vocational guidance where maximum efforts have to be made. The reason is that it is the beginning of the road, and you should try to choose the profession to be as successful as possible. Not surprisingly, selecting the job we want to occupy during our professional life is not easy.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to distinguish, also, between the professional orientation, which we have already mentioned, and the labor orientation, which consists of the advice for the change of work, or the maintenance or the achievement thereof.

This means that, once we have chosen the type of job we want to dedicate ourselves to, we may need professional help to select one of the jobs available to everyone or to find a new one in the case. We need it.


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