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How much will backlink data be enough to promote your backlink profile?

Promote Your Backlink Profile:

How to encourage your backlink profile? Recently, Google has given us several contradictory messages about the role of backlinks for website rankings. However, promote backlink data remains a key signal used by search engines to determine the relevance and authority of the web page.

While there are many debates on how to get new backlinks to your site, monitoring and improving existing ones is a MUST if you want your prospective clients to find your place in the search results quickly. In this article, you will find some practical ways to combine tracking data and backlink data on your site pages.

Ways to Combine Back and Trace Data.

Broken pages with broken backlinks.
To check if your site has broken links, you can use Semalt Web Analyzer or DeepCrawler tools. You need to know which pages are no longer available to avoid having backlinks that point to broken pages. Any link juice obtained from broken links will be lost. Broken links will also negatively affect your visitor’s experience with your site, as well broken pages instead of the relevant ones they are looking for. As a result, Google will reduce the rank of your website.

To improve this situation, you need to restore broken pages to 200 or implement 301 redirect them to guide users to another relevant page.

Non-Indexable Pages with Backlinks.

Non-indexable pages are those that have a no index or canonical tag that points to another page. You need to find and delete these pages as they return a response of 200, but they are not indexable. These pages will not give you any value or reduce the classifications.

It would help if you decided whether you want the page to be recognizable by the search engines or not. If you’re going to receive traffic to your site, you must find out why this page is not indexable and modify it. You can delete any index tag or replace it with canonical self-reference.

If you do not want the search bots to scan this page, you can contact the link domain and ask them to replace the index tag — link to another relevant page on your website.

Here is some great profile Backlink Site list with high-quality domain authority:Seo Backlinks



Profile Backlink DA
facebook.com 100
twitter.com 100
pinterest.com 100
boredpanda.com 99
instagram.com 99
myspace.com 98
tumblr.com 98
github.com 98
vimeo.com 98
stumbleupon.com 98
disqus.com 97
sourceforge.net 97
en.gravatar.com 97
folkd.com 97
mobdro.jigsy.com 97
soundcloud.com 95
goodreads.com 95
ted.com 95
business.com 95
evernote.com 95
behance.net 94
livejournal.com 94
community.openscholar.harvard.edu 94
issuu.com 94
openstreetmap.org 94
pentaxuser.com 94
siteownersforums.com 94
instructables.com 92
orcid.org 91
about.me 91
reverbnation.com 91
edublogs.org 91
deviantart.com 90
crunchbase.com 90
quora.com 90
bark.com 90
mioola.com 89
seekingalpha.com 89
id.arduino.cc 88
sbnation.com 88
sfsu.academia.edu 88
hubpages.com 88
plurk.com 87
fark.com 87
zillow.com 87
flattr.com 86
armorgames.com 86
mindmeister.com 86
topishare.com 86
visual.ly 85
angel.co 85
knowyourmeme.com 85
brooklynne.net 85
edocr.com 85
flipboard.com 85
couchsurfing.com 85
audioboom.com 84
zapatag.com 84
500px.com 84
podbean.com 84
foodspotting.com 83
myvidster.com 83
razoo.com 83
caringbridge.org 82
skyrock.com 82
care2.com 82
bookcrossing.com 81
icyte.com 81
streetarticles.com 81
pearltrees.com 80
spreaker.com 80
weheartit.com 79
smugmug.com 79
colourlovers.com 78
bagtheweb.com 78
flipsnack.com 78
capturedinaflashphotography.com.clove.arvixe.com 78
ask.fm 77
knoji.com 76
follr.me 76
growthhackers.com 74
magcloud.com 73
ello.co 73
intensedebate.com 72
dead.net 72
authorstream.com 71
redbubble.com 71
tictail.com 71
kiwibox.com 71
mobypicture.com 70
smashwords.com 70
webflow.com 70
yellowbot.com 68
activerain.com 68
bibsonomy.org 68
4shared.com 67
e27.co 66
lookbook.nu 66
carbonmade.com 65
yellowbot.com 65
soup.io 64
fancy.com 63
drimsa.com 63
anyflip.com 63
photoshopcreative.co.uk 62
burdastyle.com 61
profiles.delphiforums.com 58
filmsforaction.org 58
steepster.com 56
moz.com 56
muckrack.com 56
pubhtml5.com 56
23hq.com 56
lookuppage.com 53
nfomedia.com 53
wikifoundry.com 53
yourlisten.com 52
app.hiive.co.uk 52
storeboard.com 50

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