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Guest Posting Sites

Guest post or Guest blog post is a popular strategy to get backlinks, grow organic traffic to your website, and build a strong connection with the dish audience. However, in 2021 the world SEO is rapidly changing its rules and regulations in this online platform.

So, there are so many misconceptions around it. We have to clear it out.

What is guest posting?

It’s a process of writing content and publishing it to other authority Guest Posting Sites to build links and get a dish audience. It is widely accepted because no website would deny relevant quality content and create value to the site and its readers.

 Guest blog posting is not for everyone. However, it will benefit you if you follow specific guest post guidelines.

 1.Determine your goal

The first guest post guideline is to determine the purpose of posting your blog to another guest blog post site. Is it for getting more and more backlinks or getting organic traffic to your site? It’s essential for your further determinations.

 2.Find relevant opportunities

The second important guest post guideline is to find the best blogging site to publish your content. However, Not all places accept guest posts, but there are opportunities available. Unfortunately, publishing content on top Guest Posting Sites is not such an easy task. Only a few can get success.

 You can do this if your content is high quality. It’s essential if you want backlinks from your guest post, you have to write high-quality content. Only quality content can be acceptable by high authority external websites. Otherwise, you have to target multiple fewer authority sites to achieve your goals.

Way to find guest post opportunities

It will help if you mind that the site you choose to submit guest posts must be relevant to your niche or the targeted industry. The criteria of guest post guidelines below will help you.

 -your content must have relevancy with your niche.

-the audience must be interested in the industry you follow.

-socially shareable content and have been commented upon.

google search

Among various search engines globally, Google is an excellent guest post guideline to find the desire opportunities for your blog. You can use some targeted keywords to find authority blog sites to submit a guest post for you. for example,

-keyword “guest post submitting sites.”

-keyword “guest posting sites.”

-keyword “accepting guest post.”

-keyword “guest posting sites guidelines.”

These keywords will lead you to good-quality Guest Posting Sites or guest posts from other writers or blog owners.

 Prolific guest bloggers

Have you read blogs regularly related to your industry? If you do so, then you’ll notice some names that repeatedly pop up in guest posts every time.

 Some of the top influential guest bloggers are Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Mark Traphagen, Tony Right, Brian Harnish, Kevin Indig, Adam Riemer, Robyn Johnson, Benji Acciola, Kevin Rowe, and Kirk Williams. 

 Do a google search about these guest bloggers so that you can get guest post guidelines about how they became so popular. Search the guest bloggers by the phrase “guest post by.” this will reveal all the bloggers’ sites or get them specifically. It will be a good place for guest posters to improve their writing style.

 competitors backlinks

If you have done backlink analysis while working on your SEO( search engine optimization) campaign, you must have noticed that more of your competitors have backlinks from guest posts that they have done.

 If you have some access tools, you can see your competitor’s backlinks and the blogs for guest posting from where they get them.

 Social searches

Most bloggers share their latest blogs on various social media. In this social media marketing sector, Twitter is the easiest way to search for them. First, search on Twitter for the keyword “guest post” to get the latest tweets about the guest post from your industry. Then, search and follow to see which blog site is accepting the blogs for guest posting.

The benefits of guest posting for websites 

All discussion is vain if you don’t know the benefits of guest post submissions properly. You aren’t writing an article just because of fun or for passing the time. We all expect some returns From the work we have done.

 Here I’ll show you the benefits of guest posting sites on other websites.

 -Get more audience: 

Sharing your content to external websites means more and more people can see your thoughts and ideas. For example, if you can post your blog on a high authority site, thousands of people can see your article by google search. On the other side, if the topic is relevant to your niche people, go to your site for more. Therefore you will get traffic quickly.

 – Generate organic traffic: 

Posting your industry-related article, the audience who comes to read your post can be your targeted traffic. Therefore, it will lead you to more exposure and more sales.

 -Building relationship:

 If your purpose is getting backlinks, then it’s an opportunity to build a relationship with the owner of the article. It will happen when you submit guest posting sites on external websites on a single blog. It will lead you to further partnership with the owner.

 -Became an influencer:

Being on the leading websites of guest posting, you can be an influencer in the eyes of your targeted audience. The audience will recognize you as an expert in your targeted industry or your niche topic. They will believe in your words that increase your website sales and performance.

 -Social media build-up:

As I mentioned above in the guest post guidelines, top-authored guest bloggers often share their blogs on social media. You can also do the same for your content marketing. It will increase your social media activity. On the other hand, whenever someone shares your article, you’ll be mentioned there by that person. Therefore you can build up your presence in social media online platforms.

 -Increase website authority:

Generally, people buy products from a trustable online platform that has a strong web presence. Therefore, if your products get reviews from different authority sites, your targeted audience becomes more confident about purchasing your products.

 -You became confident:

By doing all these things, when you see that your site is getting traffic and increasing day by day, you become more confident about your niche than before. In addition, the research that you have done gives you more knowledge and guest post ideas that will never let you down in this digital marketing world.

 -Increase brand awareness:

Through the high authority Guest Posting Sites, your website becomes exposed to a higher audience that increases your brand authority.

 -Getting quality backlinks:

You already know this point. Posting on the high authority site will give you high-quality backlinks. The majority of external sites will allow you to add links (inbound links and outbound links) in your byline, which usually looks at the bottom of every post.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Posting Sites

The Dos:

-Read the Guest Posting Sites guidelines

Different blog posts have additional requirements for contributors and guest bloggers. For example, some only accept messages of less than 600 words; others can only get articles if you are a well-known person in your niche. So always check the guidelines on a case-by-case basis for successful blogging.

 -Create exceptional content:

 No reputable blog site would accept a poorly written article, especially from a guest blogger. So do your background work, save your statements, provide arguments, check for grammar and spelling errors. 

 -Showcase your knowledge and experience:

 Ideally, you only want to blog on topics you have extensive knowledge of. So if you know your niche well and have sufficient knowledge of the subject, show it!

 -Write for the Public:

Don’t go crazy with search engine ranking if you are writing for a small business blog. The audience didn’t understand a word. Instead, If you are a business owner, tailor your content to this blog’s audience.

 -Create genuine content:

 Only write unique articles that have never been published on other guest blogging sites. If your post is accepted, you should always avoid reposting this article.

 -Find What Works Best:

 Identify what type of guest article works best on this blog. Are these the ten best lists or step-by-step guides? You can rate this based on the number of times it’s shared and the comments a post has received.

 -Create a Perfect Signature:

 To present yourself attractively, you need to write a decent profile bio. For example, include your notable accomplishments and past contributions.

The Don’ts:

 -Don’t spam:

 Don’t mass email hundreds of blogs simultaneously asking for guest posting site opportunities.

 -Do not twist objects:

 Rotated objects are elementary to spot. Unfortunately, they are terrible and do not read well.

 -Don’t use the same article:

 Avoid posting the same guest article over and over again. If you are serious about good guest blogging, you should only post part of it on one site.

 -Don’t Make Guest Blogging Your Only Linking Strategy:

 Matt Cutts has declared the death of guest blogging because it’s being treated as a gateway for easy linking.

 -Do not post to sites with low-quality spam:

 You want to avoid sites with spam at all costs. Not only can they damage your reputation as a writer, but they can also cause your site to have problems with Google.

 -Don’t stuff your article with links: 

Publishers are picky. It will not take more than a minute to identify a self-promotion link. Unless a connection needs to be included (maybe you’re citing someone), don’t include it. If you want to have a link to your website, use the signature.

 -Don’t accept harmful posts from visitors (for a guest author):

 If you don’t want to sound superficial, don’t be superficial! Accept only quality guest articles that can add value to your readers.

Top 600+ Guest Posting Sites List in 2021

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