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How are you being tracked by several webmaster!

How are you being tracked by several webmaster!

Google Maps reaches its version 9.12 with an update that will drive the confusions crazy through tracking, as it shows a complete history of where you’ve been, showing once again that Google watches you, Google follows you and Google remembers. Google, the eye that sees everything. You can now see all the places where you’ve been with Google Maps.

This new functionality will revolve around two new tabs in the side menu, “your timeline” and “my sites”. In the first one, you are shown a complete tracking of the places you have moved, you can select by date, in the second you will see a list of the last places you have visited, ideal to remember the name of that bar at that a friend took you addition, this new update also allows you to edit the name of places to remember better what it is, it is a private change and only you will see this new name.



It has happened to all of us once, that we have gone to someplace with someone and then we have not been able to remember the name or exactly its position. That aims to end with “my sites”, a section within Google Maps that aims to serve as a reminder for those who have the memory of Dori.

It will show us the premises that we have visited in recent months, ordered chronologically and showing us the times we have been and the last time we went. In this section will also appear the places that we have marked as favorites, as well as saved routes and maps without the connection.

In addition, this new update will allow us to customize the names of places to remember better what they are. To do this simply enter the tab of the place or place where you have put the marker and display the menu from the button in the upper right corner and click on “edit name”.

Top Tracking Site Lists


Task Tool Tool Type Cost
Check for clickstreamreporting BuiltWith for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Check for clickstreamreporting SiteTrail for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Check for WebmasterTools Verification BuiltWith for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Inspect GA tracking GA Debugger for Chrome Extension Browser Extension Free
Call tracking If By Phone Misc Paid
Call tracking Mongoose Metrics Misc Paid
Record visitors ClickTale Misc Paid
Monitor link analytics – visitors’ hovers, clicks, hesitation time, and visit order ClickTale Misc Paid
Find out when a site updates Page Monitor for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Heat maps Attention Wizard Misc Paid
Heat maps Crazy Egg Misc Paid
User testing Five Second Test Misc Paid
Set up custom alerts ClickTale Misc Paid
Social media analytics Radian6 Website Paid
Social media analytics SAS Website Paid
Social media analytics Google Ripples for Google+ Website Free
View Google Ripples for a web page w/o going to Google+ website Bookmarklet for Google Ripples Bookmarklet Free
See analytics for Facebook pages Facebook Page Insights Website Free
Get analytics for YouTube videos YouTube Analytics Website Free
5 social media analytics Excel workbooks Ann Smarty’s Mashable post Excel worksheets Free
Manage Facebook pages, build apps, and track ad conversions Webtrends Social Website Paid
Create a dashboard to monitor your online presence Chartbeat Website Paid
Create a dashboard to monitor your online presence Website Paid
A/B testing w/ no coding Optimizely Website Paid
Get analytics for Pinterest Pinalytics Website Free
Opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics Google Analytics Opt Out Browser Extension Free
See overlap of Google updates,holidays, and your own customized events on top of your timeline inside GA interface Chartelligence Browser Extension Free
Get really cool, pre-made GA dashboards, advanced segments, and custom reports Google Analytics Solutions Gallery (by Google) Website Free
See how different marketing channels tend to work together for different verticals (compiled by Google using benchmarking data from accounts that have agreed to participate) The Customer Journey to Online Purchase Website Free
Check site for missing Google Analytics and AdWords code GA Checker Website Free
Google Analytics API Excel Plugin Analytics Edge Excel Extension Free
best seo tools list that are not shared before

best seo tools list that are not shared before

There are many ways to analyze your website to work with SEO Efficient tool, although not all are accessible to everyone. Luckily there are very useful SEO tools, with updated and very efficient data that can be used for free. Google tends to make it easier for the user to surf the web by providing relevant and coherent results with what he is looking for. For this reason, it constantly changes its algorithm , altering the relevance in the positioning of both keywords, tags, response times and load, content, links, and a long list of others that does nothing but do that, if you dedicate yourself to the world of digital marketing, you pray when it comes to analyzing your website .

Open Site Explorer: This MOZ tool has a somewhat limited free mode, but which is appreciated when comparing competition.
 SEO efficient tool
Making use of the right tools will always make an incredible difference in the performance of your marketing actions in terms of efficiency and productivity. Today there are a number of tools with a wide variety of features that make them an excellent way to improve the results of your digital strategy and therefore the profitability of your business. So, here is the list of the best SEO tools that will help you optimize your organic positioning strategy.


Task Tool Tool Type Cost
The Swiss army knife of the web Web Developer Toolbar for Chrome Browser Extension Free
The Swiss army knife of the web Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox Browser Extension Free
Set up recipes so that when one action is performed, it automatically does another ifttt Website Free
Open multiple links at once Linkclump Browser Extension Free
Copy all URLs in the current window to the clipboard Copy All URLs for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Free FTP app FileZilla Desktop App Free
Get a character count JavaScript Kit Website Free
Compare two lists or web pages for duplicate content Similar Page Checker Website Free
Compare two lists List Comparison Tool Website Free
Remove duplicate items from a list Ontolo’s Remove Duplicate Items Tool Website Free
Schedule Gmail  Boomerang Browser Extension Free
Schedule Gmail  Rebump Browser Extension Free
View social media accounts for anyone who emails you – Google accounts only Rapportive Browser Extension Free
Visit a site via a proxy Hide My Ass Website Free
Manage and switch between multiple proxy profiles Proxy Switchy for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Visit websites using a proxy IP FoxyProxy for Firefox Browser Extension Free
Filter out dead proxies from a list of proxies Scrapebox Desktop App Paid
Find trending topics on Google Google Hot Trends Website Free
Scrape the web Scraper for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Scrape tables on web page Table Capture Browser Extension Free
Get the width and height of any elements on a webpage MeasureIt for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Add Search By Image to the context menu for images Search By Image for Firefox Browser Extension Free
Manage projects collaboratively Trello Website Free
Create screenshots Jing Desktop App Free
Awesome screenshot creator MarkUp for Chrome Browser Extension Free
Find phrases that occur more than once in a set of text to get new content ideas Ontolo’s Phrase Occurrence Tool Website Free
Reorder list items Ontolo’s List Shuffler Website Free
On-site reviews BazaarVoice Misc Paid
On-site reviews Power Reviews Misc Paid
allows you to do automated scripting and tasks Fakeapp Desktop App Paid
See archived versions of a site Way Back Machine Website Free
QR Code Generator QR Stuff Website Free
Clean up text TextCleanr Website Free
Search engine for apps Chomp Website Free
Test/validate JavaScript JSLint Website Free
Buy consumer surveys Google Consumer Surveys Website Paid
Generate misspelt versions of words (for ads and whatnot) Spelling Typo Generator Website Free
Generate colour schemes with just one colour Color Scheme Generator Website Free
Auto-save for Basecamp Auto-Save Chrome Extension Browser Extension Free
Animated gif creator Make a Gif Website Free
Find people on Google+ Google+ Directory Website Free
Find out the font used in an image What the Font Website Free
Fix map for local business Google Map Maker Website Free
Convert Word documents to clean HTML Website Free
See stats for technology used on sites across the web HTTP Archive Website Free
Make an animated gif Gif Maker Website Free
Create RSS feed from any URL page2rss Website Free
Savea group of tabs open in Chrome Tabs Saver Browser Extension Free
Record Skype calls to mp3 MP3 Skype Recorder Plugin Free
Sign documents online and get signatures from clients HelloSigh Website Free
Create interactive maps w/o coding TileMill Desktop App Free
Remove the background from images Background Burner Website Free
Create your own gifs Gif Maker Website Free
Animated gif resizer Gif Maker Website Free
Create vector graphics online (think Illustrator in a browser) Method Draw Website Free
Crowd source your page titles TitleTester Website Free
Convert .wmv to .mp4 Free WMV to MP4 Converter Desktop App Free
Calculate how much to charge clients for profit Ultimate Profit Calculator Website Free
Edit images Pixlr Website Free
Get free sound effects for video freeSFX Website Free
Create compelling visualizations for social media and presentations Canva Website Free
Slow a YouTube video down Website Free
Let people sign up for available time slots Calendly Website Free
Convert YouTube video to mp3 OnlinveVideoConverter Website Free
Create social graphics Canva Website Free
Get infographic templates Canva Website Free
Get banner templates Canva Website Free
Get resume templates Canva Website Free
How to Optimize your Video Content for Search

How to Optimize your Video Content for Search

Video content presents visual facts about your content to your frequent and one-time visitors.
Video content optimization is, therefore, necessary if you want to increase traffic to your site as well as communicate to your visitors efficiently about new products and services.


This article will concentrate on optimizing video content and what needs to be done for the procedure to be successful.
Do you know how many YouTube hits take a toll in a single day on a single hit video? Sometimes, there are thousands, sometimes millions or even more if the video content had good information or is too entertaining.


Video content optimization is the process by which video material in a website is customized such that traffic is increased.
Generally, according to recent research study results, the video has been said to stand a chance of improving and or increasing traffic to websites more than the common SEO strategies.
Search engines have always been on the frontline to transform search results to something concrete and worth looking.
Recently there have been lots of achievements on this endeavor and thus why video optimization has been targeted.

Where are you planning on hosting your content?

When you plan on hosting videos, video optimizing should be a measure you cannot evade.
video seo tips
This is because you will have several choices; two of these choices are mostly used.

One of them deals with hosting the desired video on someone else’s site whereas the other deals with hosting the same video on your own site.

If you believe that your site has enough traffic, you can host it on your own site.

Many times, people use common hosting channels like in YouTube and direct the video to their own site, they can have part of the video at those sites and the remaining part at their own site or even have the entire video at that site as well as provide a link to the video in cases somebody wanted to view more of a related kind.


This is why the video has been said to build your rank on the internet faster than traditional SEO. All this is possible once you have taken your time towards optimizing video to fit the target objective.

Choosing your title is very important

Just like SEO where keyword density and application are a matter to consider in addition to a striking title, the same case applies with video optimizing to improve traffic. Make sure that the title is obvious to people searching the internet.
The best way to do this is to put yourself in that situation (a person searching the internet).

Video URLs optimization


URL video optimizing is very important, especially if you are trying to reach a particular target audience. This is also the important part of Video content optimization


You need to include video URLs on the main page of the site; this is because, from the results of the search engine, this is what acts like the landing page to your site.

The Best Ways to Optimize your Website

The Best Ways to Optimize your Website

Whether its complex advanced international search, when your website optimizing, you are on the verge of increasing traffic to the site which in return will increase your product sales as more people will be learning about your company and what you have to offer.

What does site optimization mean? website optimizing

Search Engine Optimization is the easiest way of attaining increased traffic to your site.

However, SEO (search engine optimization/ website optimizing) doesn’t apply that easily, you need to know how to craft your content to be SEO rich such that the content will be easily found. Most of the things that matter a lot in this endeavor would be the URL, the title of the content and the page, Meta description, tags (H1 and H2) the entire content. How will you optimize a website with SEO? What does optimize website entail? Site optimization with SEO requires you to follow several steps. Here we are going to look at a few of those steps and how to go about it.

Keyword stuffing

Just because you have to use keywords and strategically position them in the content doesn’t mean you apply them anyhow.
Keywords need to appear naturally in the content according to the preceding sentence and the phrase at hand.

Note that site optimization, in this case, will entail blogging and how it is a great way to leverage and increase traffic to your site.

You need to make sure that keywords aren’t placed in the case of placing; every keyword needs to make sense to the reader. Not only the reader but also search engines do not like keyword stuffing.

Application of blogging

Small and large companies are engaging in blogging a lot, those sites already in this practice are those doing corporate blogging. Unlike personal blogs, corporate blogs are specially crafted entailing business professionalism. Blogging boosts local search and makes your rankings to be high.

This is, however, attainable in cases where keyword density has been thought for. You can post blogs on current events, local government policies or other business interests.

The target audience in blogs is very important; make sure the content addresses the right groups of people, and that it is well optimized in the message. This is what site optimization is all about.

How local link building features in optimization

Local link building is all about traffic, this is where you have to use social media, join associations and organizations, directory submission among other procedures.

Social media is one of the leading platforms in site optimization. You can use Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn to direct your fans to your sites. As in the case of Facebook or Twitter, the likes you get do enable you to get more traffic boosts.

Tips to Avoid Killer SEO Mistakes

Tips to Avoid Killer SEO Mistakes


SEO mistakes can lead to complex situations where your site may never be found. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is used to help your site act as a landing page when interested persons search for products and services related to what you offer. Generally, a well-crafted content to suit your approach towards making your page a landing page thus improving viewership and traffic in general means that all SEO techniques were applied.

How to avoid seo mistakes
Avoiding SEO mistakes, in this case is not only an alternative but a fact if you want your online marketing endeavors to perform well. Worst SEO mistakes are those that would hinder the ideal resort of SEO towards use and application. Note good SEO means increased traffic to your site, which means increased returns to your business as people learn more about your products and services. If your intention is to sell, you will have to focus on phrases that will help you sell more, however, did you know that performance of SEO is reflected by keywords, how they are fixed in the content as well as whether that content will make any sense to the readers? You cannot just take the advantage of SEO to boost traffic to your site by scheming through and fixing keywords anyhow. This is why you need to avoid SEO mistakes at whatever cost, and the best way does so is by the following:
Think of what people would be searching for when buying
When buyers are looking for products, they have no time to search through companies offering those products as there are dozens, what happens to be that the buyer types certain keywords about those products like ‘pancakes’ or ‘pizza’ or any other product followed by terms like the best, cheap meaning your keywords must also reflect such. The placement of those keywords in the content is also necessary. Other SEO mistakes can be reflected in the use of generic phrases. The idea of making the keyword phrase three words or longer has been taken into account. You can start by skipping generic phrases to make the keyword better.

Use Google’s Keyword suggestion tool

SEO mistakes can also be avoided by making use of the Google’s keyword suggestion tool; this is a special tool that provides a provision on the appropriate keywords that fit in your content. For instance, there are keywords that could mean the same but yet again be written differently. For instance, is there any difference between auto insurance and car insurance? What about soda or pop? At this point, you can either use both in a way or use the most popular term on the same.

You are not the only person who knows SEO

You have to know that you aren’t the only person on the planet using SEO. As a matter of fact, this part of other common SEO mistakes that people don’t look into thus end up drafting shoddy content. Know who leads with the keywords you want, the nature of their site so that you can take a different angle.

The Most Important Metrics for Your SEO Efforts

The Most Important Metrics for Your SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization makes websites and businesses successful. But have you ever wondered how to make your search engine optimization efforts or Seo Metrics efforts successful? Well, the best thing to make one’s SEO strategy successful is to measure the results along the way to allow quick changes in strategy.
Now, the question is… what are the things to measure?

SEO Metrics to Measure

Search engine optimization is not a relax-all-day-while-watching-TV task. It requires a lot of focus,  analysis and measurements of results. Otherwise, one’s SEO strategy will be more of a waste of time, effort and even money.  So, measuring the most important metrics is a big priority when optimizing a website. Here are the things to measure:
• Traffic Quantity and Quality
• Inbound Links
• Traffic-Generating Keywords
• Referral Sources
• Social Media Mentions
These are considered as the backbone of any search engine optimization strategy. In fact, these are actually what most people work hard for.

Traffic Quantity and Quality

Of course, without traffic, a website is nothing but a lonely corner in the World Wide Web. So, it is important to monitor the flow of traffic in a website.
The number of visitors is a vital metric in the list. It defines how effective one’s SEO efforts are. Moreover, the quality of traffic should also be in mind. The quality involves how long visitors stay on the website, how often they come back and are they interacting with the website.

Inbound Links

Although, there are various kinds of links when it comes to SEO, inbound links are probably good signs of effective SEO Metrics efforts. These are links from other websites towards one’s optimized website. Once you are getting inbound links then it means that your website is getting visible in the search engines and other platforms.
This is also one of the most important SEO metrics to measure.

Traffic-Generating Keywords

It is also important to know which keywords allow your website to get traffic. Measuring this metric allows webmasters as well as SEO practitioners to determine which keywords to work on more for better optimization.

Referral Sources

Determining referral sources for traffic is also an important one when it comes to SEO. This involves the third party websites where most of a website’s traffic comes from. Knowing these referral sources will allow people reconstruct their strategies to either suit to those sources or to generate more traffic from other sources.

Social Media Mentions

Of course, social media cannot be removed from the Metrics for Seo efforts to measure. Social media is a platform where millions of people interact. Monitoring the mentions a website or brand gets and how often it is mentioned improves not only SEO Metrics but also customer relations.
When it comes to social media, it does not only limit you on working on Facebook and Twitter presence, but also in the blogosphere. This makes it easier for you to determine the efforts that should be changed and improved.
Just looking at these Seo Metrics , anyone will say that SEO is indeed not a relax-all-day-while-watching-TV task. But when properly done, your website will definitely be a generating income and leads all day site

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