Reasons to Migrate to MilesWeb Managed AWS cloud hosting services


2021 is the year of exploring new possibilities for you and your online business. To do the need total, you need to capitalize on the growth of your website. One way to do it is by upgrading the hosting platform of your website or web application. There are several reasons behind the need for this upgrade; one of the significant reasons is minimizing or even nullifying your website’s downtime. Other than this, no one would like to face hardware issues or any other accidental issue when the website is in full swing. To avoid all this, a timely upgrade of web hosting plans is necessary. Otherwise, in the process of further growth, you might get stuck due to the limited resources these basic variants offer. 

If you want to upgrade to a better hosting version, then the next question is, which web hosting plan will suit your website’s growing needs? The answer is cloud hosting, as it allows you to scale all the resources whenever appropriately needed and even enables users to access the platform from any remote location. Out of all the cloud hosting services available, Amazon Web Services or AWS cloud hosting is the most popular. They are the leading cloud hosting service providers and certainly have a lot better package when it comes to cloud hosting. But yes, managing AWS cloud servers is not anyone’s game. It takes proper and thorough technical skills to manage the hosting servers to keep the websites or web applications running. Now you’ll ask, what if you don’t have that much-needed technical proficiency to manage these cloud servers? The best way possible is to opt for managed AWS cloud service from any trusted hosting service provider.

If you or your organization are looking out for such providers who would take care of this tedious server management task, then I certainly have a perfect answer for you, look out for MilesWeb. First, let me elaborate you the reason for mentioning this hosting provider as it can be a tedious task to look out for a good and trustworthy web host that milesweb takes care of the server management services for you. But with MilesWeb, their record and the reviews of their customers say it all. Be it shared hosting, VPS hosting, managed cloud hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated, Digitalocean managed to host, bare metal server hosting, they propel efficiently in all. For managed AWS cloud hosting, they take the whole and sole responsibility of thoroughly managing the cloud servers for you. In other words, MilesWeb lets you free to maximize your focus on your business. 

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an Indian hosting provider which has received immense awards and accolades for its service in the hosting arena. Since its dedication in 2012, the company has been successful in serving 28,000+ customers to date satisfactorily. As mentioned above, the company offers almost all hosting variants at a very affordable rate and with various advanced features. Not to forget about the round-the-clock customer support, which the company and its customers are tremendously proud of. With all the awards and accolades that they have received, they certainly needed to be on your list of best-hosting providers. 

Managed AWS cloud Plans

One crucial thing to reference here is that the company offers AWS cloud servers with Linux and Windows OS. So it depends on your requirement as to which OS does your website or web application needs.

Linux-based manage AWS cloud plan.

Windows-based manage AWS cloud plan


Reasons to Migrate to MilesWeb Managed AWS cloud.

Best plan suggestion

If you are distracted about selecting the best plan of the AWS cloud servers on offer, you need to get in touch with their team and give you all possible suggestions as per your requirements.

AWS certified team

Yes, you read the right thing. MilesWeb has a trained and AWS-certified team to manage your cloud servers. They will help you in all possible ways to keep your AWS cloud server experience seamless by making it secure, robust and powerful.

Monitoring your server

To ensure that your website or web applications are always up and running, the support team properly monitors the infections, traffic spikes and other issues. 

Free migration

This has been one of the unique selling propositions of MilesWeb; like all other hosting services they offer, MilesWeb offers free migration even for AWS cloud servers if you go for their managed cloud hosting service.

The Final Word

If you have resolved to upgrade your website to the AWS cloud servers, and if you are looking for someone to handle the backend, i.e., to manage the cloud servers for you, you should consider managed AWS cloud service MilesWeb.



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