Best 100+ Free Ping Submission Sites List for Faster Indexing


If you want to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), submitting your site to free ping submission sites is a good idea. Suppose, you published an article, but this article is not in google. So will that article be beneficial for your site? 

If the answer is NO, then we will give you some better ideas to fix this problem. In addition, you will get a 100+ free ping submission sites list which is an essential part of faster indexing.

What is Ping Submission? 

Ping submission is submitting your website or blog to search engines and directories to improve your site’s visibility and search engine ranking. The term “ping” refers to sending a signal or notification to a specific destination. 


In the context of ping submission, the destination is a search engine or directory. By submitting it, you notify search engines or directories that your site exists and is available for indexing. This process can help to improve your site’s visibility and search engine ranking because it ensures that your site is included in the search engine’s database. 

Benefits of Ping Submission Sites for Free indexing

Pinging these sites essentially notifies them that your website exists and can be found at a specific URL. 

1. Your website will be crawled more frequently.

By pinging submission sites, you are giving search engines a “heads up” that your website exists and should be crawled more frequently. This ultimately leads to better indexing of your website’s content, which can improve your visibility and organic search traffic over time.

2. Your website will be indexed faster.

Another benefit of pinging submission sites is that it can help speed up getting your website indexed in the first place. This is especially helpful if you have just launched a new website or made significant changes to an existing one – by pinging these sites. 

3. Increasing your website’s ranking on SERPs

Ping submission is effective for indexing websites. However, you can also acquire a good link from them. In addition, these ping submission sites won’t require much time compared to other off-page SEO techniques.

Use excellent ping submission sites to build quality backlinks and raise the rating of your website. To help you develop your SEO effort and increase the rate at which your website gets crawled, we have added some top-notch ping submission sites.

Proper Way of Doing Ping Submission

1. Search for High Page Rank Ping Submission Sites.

2. Then, choose one by one ping submission sites.

3. Enter your name, email id, and other description on the site and create your account

4. Now, find a form on the site containing the Blog name, URL, and other details.

5. Fill in all the details in the form correctly.

6. Now, click the ping button, and your submission will be successfully made.

Your website or blog is definitely on the right track to be indexed by a search engine. Instead of this feature, Submission Sites offer other benefits to your website.

Is Ping Submission a fast method for indexing websites?

Ping submission is generally considered to be a fast method for indexing websites. When a website is first created, it can take time for search engines to discover and index it. Search engines rely on web crawlers, which automatically scan the Internet for new content. 

If a website is not linked to other websites, it may take longer for a web crawler to find it. Ping submission is a method of telling a search engine about a new website or web page. 

When a website is submitted to a search engine via ping, the search engine will send a web crawler to index the site. This can help speed up the process of getting a new website indexed. 

It is important to note that ping submission is not a guarantee that a website will be indexed quickly. Many factors can affect how quickly a website is indexed, such as the quality of the website’s content and the number of other websites linking to it.

List of  Free Ping Submission Sites 2022

SL No. Ping Submission Site DA PA
1 45 52
2 40 43
3 65 52
4 74 61
5 74 61
6 17 40
7 19 43
8 23 43
9 41 50
10 43 55
11 35 51
12 75 62
13 56 51
14 36 46
15 24 44
16 20 36
17 38 47
18 60 52
19 60 52
20 56 48
21 39 53
22 37 50
23 22 42
24 93 73
25 75 65
26 75 52
27 56 52
28 43 53
29 43 55
30 45 52
31 45 52
32 45 50
33 51 54
34 49 51
95 79
36 45 56
37 65 60
38 35 46
39 49 51
40 40 41
41 75 62
42 40 44
43 37 55
44 74 55
45 56 48
46 37 53
47 39 44
48 75 62
49 53 62
50 95 70
51 38 42
52 37 53
53 37 44
54 38 57
55 45 56
56 53 62
57 38 57
58 37 50
59 37 55
60 51 55
61 39 53
62 60 50
63 39 58
64 74 55
65 22 44
66 22 40
67 46 50
68 65 55
69 65 55
70 45 56
71 75 55
72 39 53
73 17 39
74 11 36
75 27 38
76 56 53
77 37 53
78 37 44
79 38 57
80 45 56
81 75 52
82 56 52
83 43 53
84 43 55
85 39 53
86 37 50
87 22 42
88 46 50
89 65 55
90 22 40
91 23 43
92 41 50
93 43 55
94 22 42
95 22 40
96 45 52
97 40 43
98 65 52
99 56 48
100 39 53
101 37 50

7 Top Ping Submission Sites 2022

1. Ping-O-Matic

Ping-O-Matic is a service that allows bloggers and website owners to notify search engines that their content has been updated. This is done by sending a “ping” to a particular server which then sends notifications to the various search engines.  

Ping-O-Matic can be a helpful tool for getting your content indexed quickly and keeping it up-to-date in search engines. It can also be helpful in promoting new content, such as a new blog post or video.

2. Ping My Links 

Ping My Links is a website ping service that helps websites to be indexed by search engines. It works by pinging a website’s URL to many search engines and directories. This helps to ensure that search engines are aware of the website and its content and can index it accordingly. Ping My Links is a free website ping service and is a valuable tool for any website owner who wants to ensure that search engines properly index their site.

3. Pingler

Pingler also offers several other features, such as tracking your website or blog’s ping results and generating custom reports. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use Ping Submission Site, Pingler is the way to go.

4. Bulk Link

Bulk Link made it on this free ping submission sites list. These sites help to improve the visibility of your website or blog in search engines. There are many ping submission sites available on the Internet. But, you need to select the best ones to get maximum benefits.

5. Backlinkping

Backlink ping submission sites allow you to submit your website’s URL, and then they will ping search engines with your website’s URL, which will help improve your website’s SEO. Two of the most popular backlink ping submission sites are and 

6. PingFarm

PingFarm is one of the most popular free indexing sites on the Internet. It is a site that allows users to submit their websites or blogs to a number of different ping services. This allows the user to update their site’s content and have it indexed by the various search engines much faster.


Another great Ping Submission Site is BlogBuzzer. It is a directory of blogs to that you can submit your blog to. This can help you get more exposure and traffic. If you are looking for quality backlinks, then submit your site to Ping Submission Sites. This will help you increase your site’s visibility and traffic.


What is Ping submission in SEO?

Ping submission, often known as pinging, is a method of alerting web crawlers to new content or pages on your website so they may inform search engines that your 

How Is Ping submission Important in Off-Page SEO?

Due to the established backlinks, pinging assists website proprietors in counting web crawlers. It can assist in achieving a higher ranking in organic search results, which is what SEO marketing ultimately aims to achieve.

Does ping submission really work on SEO?

In the beginning, search engines and directories were informed of fresh articles and news using ping submission. Nevertheless, search engines and syndication technology have advanced much since then. – Pinging has little to no impact on SEO.


Now, we are end of the article.The above-given free ping submission sites list is very helpful for faster indexing. All the websites are genuine and working fine. You can use any of the websites for faster indexing of your website or blog.


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