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YAZ- Making A Headway In The DJ World Despite Challenges

YAZ Making Headway

He was making Headway In The DJ World. YAZ had only sometimes wanted to be a musician. However, he wrote songs as a hobby when he was younger. All he wanted to be was an actor. And he went as far as studying at the Australian College of Theatre and television after graduating from high school. However, by the time he had graduated from College, he had his eyes focused solely on music, which is where his journey began as a DJ.

YAZ has a unique style of music that blends comedy. Hip-hop can be linked to the type of American rapper and comedian. Lil Dicky. Breaking into the music industry was not that easy for YAZ, and it was only when he started taking measures such as networking and showing face at key events that he started recording some amounts of success.

Before long, he got a spot to perform live on the biggest Hip-hop station in Australia. This was the move he needed because, after that. Things fell into place for the musician, and since then.

He has had the opportunity to work with many of the biggest celebrities in the music industry. The first celebrity YAZ met and worked with was the American rapper and songwriter Snoop Dogg. After him, Yaz has worked with various other hip-hop artists, including Bow Wow, Lloyd, Omarion Rae Sremmund, Cody Wise, and many others.

The artist has over 30 songs recorded for 2020 alone, which is bound to please his fans immensely. He is also a permanent resident at Sydney’s hottest urban nightspots; he has supported Omarion and Tyga’s Rawwest Alive tour throughout Australia and has recently signed a deal with Catch Management. With the passion and hard work that YAZ puts into his music.

Unsurprisingly, he has recorded such a huge success so far. He is one of the most talented and sought-after entertainers in Australia’s entertainment industry, and 2020 will likely be his busiest year and most exceptional year.



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