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Comparing Plagiarism Checkers to Find the Right One for You, The main concern of any writer is to avoid writing any text that is duplicated. It has a bad impact and even tarnishes the reputation of the writer. Students are also highly concerned with plagiarism; at this stage, plagiarism checker online tools come to the rescue. This is the comparison report of two of the most popular online plagiarism detectors: and So, stick around to find out which one is the best for writers. However, here is a quick TL/DR for you about both detectors. 


Feature Plagiarism Checker
Deep Search Yes Yes
AI Technology Support Yes  No
Quick Results Yes No
Maximum Word Limit 25,000 words 30,000 words (Premium Version)
Upload Options Text input, Upload File Dropbox, Text input
Multi-Language Support Yes (25+ languages) Yes (Multiple languages supported)
Compare Duplicate Content Yes Yes
Download and Share Reports Yes Yes
Free Trial  No Yes 
AI Content Detector  Yes  No
Price  Starts from $5 Starts from $10 

Smart AI tool that checks your text against many other texts to see if there are any similarities. It’s swift and accurate with the vast data of online documents, ebooks, and other offline sources. 

All of it makes the checking and comparison of the text quick and accurate. After checking and thoroughly analyzing the text, it highlights the similarities if there are any, and generates a detailed report

It also does not let you worry about the limited word count as you can check up to 25,000 words at once, which is quite sufficient. 

Another cool feature is that it can also find AI-written content with the help of an AI content detector. These are the features of in detail.’s Features

  • Plagiarism Report Percentage: You receive a clear breakdown of the percentage of plagiarized content. It helps users understand the extent of duplication present in the text.
  • Fast and Accurate Checking: offers an experience that is swift with precise results, all thanks to artificial intelligence technology.
  • Mobile Application: You can access the tool instantly through its mobile application, which is available for Android and iOS. This feature enables a seamless plagiarism-checking experience on the go.
  • Generous Word Limit: The tool is pretty convenient in terms of the word count. It allows the checking of up to 25,000 words in a single scan. This means you can accommodate lengthy documents effortlessly.
  • AI Content Detection: is one step ahead in terms of detection with the ability to detect AI-generated content. This includes GPT and GPT-4 composed text.
  • Multilingual Support: With support for over 25 languages, it also caters to a diverse range of users worldwide.
  • Extensive Database: Choosing this AI detector will help you benefit from access to a vast database comprising over 1 billion online documents, 1 million ebooks, and 10 million offline documents. This means it pretty much covers everything present online. 


Pros and Cons


  • Thorough plagiarism detection with detailed reports.
  • Fast and efficient scanning process.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Multilingual support for global usability.
  • Extensive database for comprehensive coverage.



  • Some users may find the pricing structure slightly steep as the tool does not offer any free trial. 


Pricing Structure offers flexible pricing plans to cater to varying needs:

Plan Cost per Month Words Limit (Plagiarism Check) Paraphrasing Plagiarism Report Multiple Languages
Basic $5 10,000 Not included Included Included
Premium $10 10,000 Unlimited Included Included


Plagiarism Checker by

Plagiarism Checker by

Comparing Plagiarism Checkers to Find the Right One for You, Plagiarism Checker emerges as another great competitor against the major plagiarism detector tools. It is equipped with a myriad of features to combat duplicate content, and it does it quite effectively.

This plagiarism checker is a comprehensive solution to protect the authenticity of your text. It is powered by advanced algorithms that can conduct deep searches across vast databases to provide accurate results.’s Features

  • Deep Search: It delves into the depths of the internet with this feature and makes sure to conduct thorough scrutiny of content to detect even the most subtle instances of plagiarism.
  • Accurate Results: You can experience precision in plagiarism detection, thanks to the tool’s advanced algorithms and extensive database.
  • Generous Word Limit: it unlocks the full potential of the premium version and allows you to check up to 30,000 words in a single scan.
  • Multiple Upload Options: You can seamlessly upload files from Dropbox or paste text directly into the tool.
  • Multi-Language Capability: It breaks down language barriers with ease, as this feature supports plagiarism checks in a multitude of languages including 日本語, Deutsche, 中文, Français, Português, Español, русский, Italiano, Indonesian, Turkish, and Romanian.
  • Offers a Free Trial: You can check up to 1000 words for free with
  • Download and Share Reports: There is an option to access detailed plagiarism test reports easily. It enables you to download and share findings effortlessly.


Pros and Cons


  • Deep search capability for thorough plagiarism detection.
  • Accurate results powered by advanced algorithms.
  • Multi-language support for global usability.
  • Convenient upload options for seamless usage.
  • Detailed reports with insights into duplicate content.



  • A premium version is required for the extended word limit.
  • Some users may find the interface slightly overwhelming initially.


Pricing Structure Plagiarism Checker offers flexible pricing plans to suit various needs:

Plan Words per Check Total Words Cost
Silver Plan 5,000 35,000 $10
Gold Plan 10,000 70,000 $20
Platinum Plan 20,000 140,000 $40
Diamond Plan 30,000 210,000 $60 vs Which One is Best?

Comparing Plagiarism Checkers to Find the Right One for You, My answer would be Here is why.

First of all, it is quick and provides instant results as compared to the other tools in comparison. offers a long-term solution when it comes to plagiarism detection. You can just subscribe for $5 once and can check lengthy documents as many times as you want. 

For a free trial and limited word count, you can choose 

In short, Both tools are good at finding duplicated content. They both give accurate results and support multiple languages. 

They both have features to upload your text easily. can detect AI-written content, which is a unique feature. Additionally, it also has a paraphraser tool available to remove the duplicated content.



Comparing Plagiarism Checkers to Find the Right One for You?

The Plagiarism Sources Database is a crucial component to consider when choosing a plagiarism checker program. It determines the breadth and depth of sources the program can compare a submitted document against. A comprehensive database increases the chances of detecting instances of plagiarism accurately.



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