Automatic keyword planner!!! don’t use your head to select niche

Automatic keyword planner

Automatic keyword planner!!! don’t use your head to select a niche:

Think about the searches you make daily on the internet. Now answer what is the search mechanism(keyword) that you use the most?
Keywords are the main instrument of an investigation. They are terms composed of one or more words. They are how a user writes their doubts in the search engines to obtain answers and solve their problems.

If you came this far in this article, I am sure that you want to understand what those keywords are, right?

When we begin to study what SEO is (search engine optimization), one of the most talked-about points is about the keywords, the choice of keywords, and the real importance of those terms that dictate the optimizations.

Without further ado, now you will learn – once and for all 😉- what that means. Come on!

Why is the keyword used?

The keywords (keywords) are the main instrument of an investigation. They are terms composed of one or more words. They are how a user writes their doubts on search engines to obtain answers and solve their problems.

As much as the term itself is self-explanatory, it costs nothing to explain in detail what they are and what they mean. In the end, that was the doubt that brought you here!

Automatic keyword planners are the main search tools.

Think that all searches originate from a word used to present this problem to the search engine. The keywords can be defined as the terms used by users to get answers and solve their problems.

If you are a marketing professional, the keywords are the terms we use to give an address when creating our pages, blog posts, and sites.

That is, by defining a keyword for a specific page, you will be passing the message to Google, for example, that your content deals with the subject of that particular term. If everything goes well and you make the right choice, your content will be displayed precisely to the person who searched for that Automatic keyword planner.


Automatic keyword planner




The Keyword Tool I used to Be the best in the google ranking.

TaskToolTool TypeCost
Find out search volumes for keywords.Google AdWords Keyword ToolWebsiteFree
Measure the difficulty of ranking for a keywordMoz Keyword Difficulty ToolWebsitePaid
Find long-tail keywords with low competition.Keyword FinderWebsiteFree
Scrape suggest data from lots of SEs at once, incl YouTube and Amazon)GoogleWebsiteFree
Google Suggest scraperUbersuggestWebsiteFree
Compare search volume patterns across regions and categories.Google Insights for SearchWebsiteFree
Compare interest in different topics.Google TrendsWebsiteFree
Run ad-hoc checks on international SERPsSearch LatteWebsiteFree
Get demographic data for keywords.Yahoo Clues Trend AnalysisWebsiteFree
Competitor keyword researchSEMRushWebsitePaid
Competitor keyword researchKeywordSpyWebsitePaid
View related keywords visually by search volume, search engineKeyword EyeWebsiteFree
Keyword research for YouTubeYouTube Keyword Suggestion ToolWebsiteFree
Receive graded on-page keyword targetingMoz’s On-Page Analysis ToolWebsitePaid
Combine keywordsKeyword LizardWebsiteFree
Combine keywordsOntolo’s Keyword GeneratorWebsiteFree
Combine keywordsMerge WordsWebsiteFree
Combine keywords and get keyword suggestionsKeyword SuggestWebsiteFree
Group keywordsWordStream’s Keyword GrouperWebsiteFree
Find niches for keywords.WordStream’s Keyword Niche FinderWebsiteFree
Create word clouds from a list of keywordsWordleWebsiteFree
Filter out keywords from a listKeyword ExpanderWebsiteFree
Wrong keyword and number stripperBad Keyword & Number StripperWebsiteFree
Analyze the top 100 search results for your top keywords.Ontolo’s SERP DominatorWebsiteFree
Find semantically related keywords to target for a pageVirante’s LDA Content OptimizerWebsiteFree
See how words are related in a visual wayVisual ThesaurusWebsiteFree
Scrape engines’ suggest algorithms (Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, various product engines, etc.)Scrape BoxWebsitePaid
Find related searchesGoogle > Search tools > All results > Related searchesWebsiteFree
Keyword research/analysisSEO EffectWebsitePaid
Analyze traffic to find keywords it can likely rank for.HitTailWebsitePaid
Use the Excel plugin and AdWords API to pull keyword research dataRichard Baxter’s Excel pluginExcel PluginFree
Get search volume and CPC for bulk upload of keywordsKeywords Everywhere Chrome extensionBrowser ExtensionFree


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