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Tristan Hamm – Promoting Healthy living through adventure

1. Tristan, you seem to have a deep and spiritual philosophy regarding the type of travel experience that your company Revived Outdoors offers. Can you explain precisely what people can expect when they book a tour with you and your company?

Most people come to our trips and think it’s a tour, just like your question suggests, but quite honestly, I’ve gotten sick of that word. Because when I think of the term, I believe spiels on topics I should care about but don’t, hot hours under the sun in lines filled with tourists, and endless time waiting to be at a destination that doesn’t seem ever entirely to max out my expectations.
That’s why we are known as an
experiences company, not a tour company. The first thing I tell people when they sign up for one of our trips is 100% cut all expectations and come with just a willingness to learn, be present, and experience a ride you have never taken before.
1) When you come on one of our trips, get ready to fully experience and immerse yourself through some pretty wild heart-pumping adventures. No matter your skill level, we pair you up with a qualified instructor to guide you through various sports such as rock climbing the sheer cliffs of Oahu, HI, or E-Mountain biking through the valleys of Yosemite. You name it; we do it. We are sure to take your trip to new heights by jam-packing it full of adventures you can’t find anywhere
2) You are going to see the most beautiful hidden gems (picked by the locals). Each trip is 100% privately guided. Most of the daily adventures are secluded, so you never have to worry about crows or lines.
3) Ever been on tour in the past where you loved the tour guide and wished you didn’t have to say your goodbyes at the end of the hour? Well, you’re in luck because our guides stick with you throughout the entire trip! You never have to worry about not getting somewhere on time again. Your guides are there to assist you in every move of your experience. Sharing historical stories, showcasing their culture, and building deep-rooted friendships as leaders is what they are there for.
4) You are going to go home knowing that you saw and accomplished the absolute top things at that location possible, surrounded by a supportive group of likeminded people who you can now call family.

Tristan Hamm - Taking Adventure to new levels

2. Aside from offering a rejuvenating adventure experience, are there deeper motivating factors for you personally, such as increasing mental health awareness and understanding?

Yes, mental health is a serious topic for me because I genuinely believe that everyone in this world is battling with something and the importance of mental health on not only our physical health but in the health of the communities and children around us is essential. Now, there is currently is a lot of awareness presently out there for the many mental health issues in the world. However, I don’t believe there are enough solutions. It is easy for Drs to prescribe a pill, but there aren’t strong enough systems in place to keep people afloat who are battling them. That’s where I believe adventure comes in. Through our methods at Revived Outdoors, we have (organically without intention) assisted in pulling countless people from the shadows on what they were battling with various mental illness’. From significant drug abuse to depression, these same people then found a cure through our community and the multiple adventures we guided them through, those same adventures and cities that they now turned to instead and have been cured or clean ever since.

We have proven it countless times over, that the right community, influence, and personal focus can drastically improve the physical and mental health of anyone who has a mental illness. I want more people to turn to nature when they feel down, and adventure when they feel challenged, and I know that through our methods at Revived Outdoors, we will create a wave that will push that movement forward.

3. Your company’s mission statement is “Forever changing the meaning of ADVENTURE. Join us to fully experience every destination, a place you can now call HOME, a community you can always get FAMILY. “To me, this suggests you are looking to create a family rather than customers; a lifestyle community rather than tourists; can you elaborate for us on this?

When I first moved to Hawaii, what stood out to me the most was “Ohana” (Family). I was welcomed in as “Ohana” to my newfound brothers and sisters, uncles, and aunts (locals of the island) as if I was there own as if I wasn’t just another “Howle”. It is impacted me drastically and opened me up inside as an individual more than I could ever have imagined. I want to replicate that same Aloha- Spirit, and Ohana into our entire philosophy at Revived Outdoors. We are here to create a movement of adventure enthusiasts that is the most welcoming of them all!

The thing is thisAdventure and tourism are opposites. Tourists seek to map out the world, to check off the bucket list. Where adventurers live and breathe in beautiful communities. Though, many of those communities are exclusive. Example: We all see the videos online of the top sports in the world, wishing we could be them. The hard part is joining those communities, and to many its doesn’t seem possible. But the fact is, it is possible. You may not be on the next X games, but I assure you will have just as much fun!
My goal is to convert more tourists into adventurer’s, but with a twist. A twist with more inclusion, welcoming everyone in as
FAMILY no matter what your background is or where you are from. We don’t expect you to be a “5.14B Rock Climber” or a “Class 5 white water kayaker” to be welcomed into our community. You just got to show up.

Tristan Hamm - Taking Adventure to new levels

4. Revived Outdoors is an adventure company that takes people to see some of the most beautiful places in America! Can you tell us exactly what areas you are currently offering these experiences and also where you are looking to expand to next?

To date, we have hosted in California, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii! These places are my favorite places and marked the start of Revived Outdoors. Still, as our movement grows and company structure scales, we plan on setting ships further across the USA with one of our goals being to run experiences in all 50 states of the USA! Europe and Africa will also be in our sights in the future.

5. How do you find the right tour guides in all these, and what qualities and experience must they have to work with and represent Revived Outdoors?

Our customer’s safety is our #1 priority, and we take that very seriously. This starts with our guides. For each trip we host, we separate our certified guides and instructors from our leaders. Our leaders lead the trips overall, where our principles guide you through the specific adventure and task at hand (such as rock climbing or kayaking). When we pick our guides, we outreach to local communities to ensure we are benefiting the local economy, then screen each guide based on experience and accreditation. Every direction goes through an extensive background check and is thoroughly evaluated for interpersonal skills in addition to all other skillsets. Our standards are exceptionally high, and we only approve the highest-quality guides to keep our customers safe.

6. Typically how long are the adventures Revived Outdoors offers?

All of our adventures range; however, our standard trips run from 5 – 7 days.

Tristan Hamm - Taking Adventure to new levels


7. I understand that you are revamping your website and will be launching a whole new and immersive online booking system. Can you tell us what we can expect from this new site?

We want to make it an experience to not only come to one of our trips but also to book one of our trips! Many people get nervous when booking a trip on authoritative sites, but with our new world-class website, the booking will be part of the fun! We designed it to feel like a taste of the trip, booking that makes leaves you feeling excited, to give you that assurance and experience you deserve when booking. A little taste of how amazing your trip indeed will be!

8. Revived Outdoors seems like the type of holiday I love; where can people like me find you and book your tours?

We are regularly posting on our Instagram pages, the best way to keep up to date on what we got going on is to head over and follow me on Instagram Instagram.com/ @tristan.hamm and Instagram.com/revived.outdoors then head over to our website www.RevivedOutdoors.com and join our exclusive newsletter!





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