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Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit In India

Everyone aspires to be their boss and start a business. But the first thing that comes to a person’s mind while starting a business is the capital requirement. An entrepreneur wishes to have a business with high profits, but the investment is not.

Therefore, an entrepreneur needs help with various ideas to make the business flourish and be profitable.

The entrepreneurial spirit thrives in a country as diverse and dynamic as India, with individuals seeking opportunities to establish their businesses. One of the key considerations for budding entrepreneurs is the cost of starting a venture.

Low-cost business ideas with high-profit potential can be a game-changer, allowing individuals to turn their dreams into reality without breaking the bank. In this article, we will explore some innovative and feasible business ideas that require minimal investment but offer substantial profit potential in the Indian market.

Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profits

Courier Service

Courier services are on the rise due to the recent shift in the eCommerce industry, which has significantly impacted profit growth. Not to mention that many courier companies offer franchises at a low cost. Similarly, considering the possibility of owning a franchise from a well-known courier company will help you build a fortune. It generates high revenue at a low cost and grants you access to its related infrastructure training and development. Furthermore, this option is best for you because it saves money compared to starting from scratch. With a specific goal in mind, the courier business is unquestionably profitable.

Social Media Agency

With evolving technology giving birth to many internet platforms, social media agencies have become thriving businesses with high-profit margins. Many businesses are forced to expand their products digitally in today’s digital junction and cutthroat competition. Businesses must use business marketing to promote their products and services to their target audience. This is where a social media agency comes in; skilled professionals project and maintain the value associated with your brand by devising effective strategies. Furthermore, many businesses seek a high-end social media agency with solid professional skills. Suppose you are generally well-versed in marketing, branding, communication, and social media management. All you need are computers, sound professionals, and an office to help businesses grow.

Handcrafted Products

Technology has enabled many artisans and small businesses to showcase their one-of-a-kind handcrafted products to a wide audience. It has broadened the horizons of artisans and professionals alike. Furthermore, no other company can match the personal touch. You can start a business by adding your unique touch to scented candles, soap, pottery, or pickles. Not to mention that you have complete control over product development and procurement. People now prefer personalized products for everything from gifts to home décor. You can begin with small batches or pre-orders, and as your products become more popular, you will be able to generate consistent sales.


Dropshipping is one of the most popular small, profitable business ideas. It is a fulfilment method with numerous advantages. It is undeniably simple to use, inexpensive, and scalable. Not only does it help you build a successful eCommerce business, but it also keeps you from making large investments. The situation is that you do not need to purchase inventory. As a result, whenever a customer places an order at your Dropshipping store, you must place the exact order directly to the Dropshipping supplier. There are numerous apps available that aid in the automation of processes. Viola! The Dropshipping supplier delivers the product directly to the customer.

Even though it is a simple process, it has the potential for high scalability when combined with useful skills such as copywriting, digital marketing, and social management. Furthermore, before investing in a product, you can test it to ensure its dependability. Be your boss and run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

Online Fashion Store

If you have a keen sense of fashion, this is your business. The fashion industry is booming as more people become fashion-conscious. Starting an online fashion boutique is a rewarding job, similar to resolving a pressing issue for a customer. Similarly, doing what you truly enjoy. This line of business provides access to a plethora of opportunities. Not to mention, the increased likelihood of receiving referrals with a well-designed referral program will not only attract but also retain customers. Another advantage of an online boutique is that it only requires a simple module and plenty of information is available online to help you along the way. Nonetheless, there is always a bright movement in fashion; you can experiment and inspire, providing a wide range of options.

Online Bakery

Online bakeries are a popular and profitable business idea. If you have a talent for baking delectable treats, consider opening a bakery. This business, in particular, can start in the kitchen. Although the cake is popular, you can also sell baked goods such as bread, pizzas, cookies, and more. Furthermore, your imagination is limitless. Similarly, social media is useful in this case for promoting the bakery and increasing overall numbers. Registering the bakery on various online food delivery platforms will also help to broaden its reach.

Wedding Coordinator

“Big Fat Wedding” is a timeless classic. India, in particular, has elaborated pre and post-wedding ceremonies that necessitate careful planning. This is where a wedding planner comes in. To become a wedding planner, you must have an efficient team with relevant skills such as networking, creativity, organization, and the ability to make spontaneous decisions. Starting as a wedding planner typically requires an investment of between 20 and 30 thousand rupees, which is relatively low compared to other ventures. Although it is a lucrative business, the initial projects may not be financially rewarding. However, you will earn a lot more money through referrals and marketing.

Fitness Centre

As the popularity of a healthy lifestyle grows, more people are joining a gym or a fitness centre to improve their overall health. Starting a fitness centre will be profitable in this scenario. Starting a fitness centre with the bare minimum of equipment and gradually investing in more will yield high profits. The minimum investment requirement is usually between 5 and 10 lakhs. Consider running a gym under an established company, as you will most likely receive ready-made business plans, procedures, policies, and rules from the franchisor. In many cases, the franchise owner will set up a gym and provide the necessary equipment. Furthermore, the franchisor is responsible for various gym-related manuals or tutorials.

Online Surveys and Captcha Solving

Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit In IndiaInvolve two distinct yet interconnected activities. Online surveys refer to digital questionnaires designed to gather user opinions and feedback, often used by businesses for market research. On the other hand, Captcha solving focuses on deciphering security puzzles to prove human interaction.

Both play pivotal roles in the online ecosystem—surveys shaping marketing strategies and captchas ensuring online security. Engaging in these tasks may offer opportunities for users to contribute opinions, earn rewards through surveys, or utilize captcha-solving skills for security verification on various digital platforms.

Offering Online Courses or Online Tutoring Services

Offering Online Courses or Online Tutoring Services

Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit In India Offering online courses or online tutoring services involves providing educational instruction through digital platforms. This dynamic method enables individuals to access learning materials, engage in interactive lessons, and receive personalized guidance remotely.

Whether delivering structured courses or one-on-one tutoring, this approach caters to diverse subjects and learners worldwide. The flexibility and accessibility of online education make it a popular choice for those seeking knowledge and skills in the digital age.

E-commerce Reselling

Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit In India The rise of e-commerce platforms has opened doors for reselling businesses. Entrepreneurs can partner with popular online marketplaces to sell a variety of products without the need for a physical store. 

This low-cost model involves sourcing products from wholesalers or manufacturers and selling them at a markup. Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Etsy offer convenient avenues for budding entrepreneurs to kickstart their e-commerce journey with minimal initial investment.

Digital Marketing Services

With the increasing digitalization of businesses, the demand for digital marketing services is rising. Individuals with skills in social media marketing, content creation, and search engine optimization can offer their services to small businesses and startups looking to establish an online presence. 

This business idea requires minimal capital for tools and software, making it an excellent low-cost, high-profit option.

Freelance Writing and Content Creation

Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit In India Content is king in the online world, and businesses constantly seek engaging and informative content. If you have a flair for writing, consider offering freelance writing and content creation services.

 Many businesses, especially startups, are willing to outsource their content needs to freelancers. With a minimal investment in a reliable laptop and internet connection, you can tap into this growing market and generate a steady income.

Tuition or Coaching Classes

Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit In India Education is a priority for many families in India, creating a constant demand for tuition or coaching classes. If you excel in a particular subject or skill, consider offering coaching classes to students. 

This low-cost business idea requires minimal investment in study materials and can be operated from home. As word spreads about your teaching prowess, the potential for growth and profit increases significantly.

Event Planning and Management

India has diverse celebrations and events, creating a lucrative event planning and management services market. With creativity and organizational skills, aspiring entrepreneurs can start a business that caters to weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

Initially, focus on building a portfolio by offering your services at a lower cost to gain experience and testimonials. As your reputation grows, so will your profit margins.

Mobile Repairing Services

The widespread use of smartphones has led to a surge in demand for mobile repair services. Starting a mobile repair business requires a modest investment in tools and equipment.

With the right skills, entrepreneurs can offer reliable and affordable repair services, attracting customers looking for an alternative to expensive authorized service centres. Building trust and providing quality service can result in a steady stream of customers and high profit margins.

Homemade Food Delivery

For those passionate about cooking, starting a homemade food delivery service can be rewarding. This low-cost business idea involves preparing and delivering homemade meals to busy individuals or families.

Platforms like Zomato and Swiggy provide an avenue for reaching a wider audience. Initial costs include ingredients, packaging, and delivery logistics, making it an accessible option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Digital Products and Online Courses

Digital Products and Online Courses

The digital age has created opportunities for selling digital products and online courses. If you possess expertise in a particular field, consider creating and selling digital products such as ebooks, templates, or graphics. 

Alternatively, you can develop online courses and share your knowledge with a broader audience. The initial investment includes creating high-quality content and marketing efforts, with potential significant returns over time.

Social Media Management

Small businesses often need help managing their social media presence effectively. Entrepreneurs with social media expertise can offer their services as social media managers. This business idea requires minimal investment in social media management tools and can be operated remotely. 

As businesses recognize the importance of a strong online presence, the demand for social media management services continues to grow, presenting a profitable opportunity.

Fitness and Wellness Coaching

Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit In India The health and wellness industry is booming in India, creating opportunities for fitness and wellness coaches. If you have fitness training, yoga, or nutrition expertise, consider offering personalized coaching services. This low-cost business idea requires minimal investment in marketing and equipment.

With the growing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, individuals are willing to invest in fitness and wellness services, making this a profitable venture.


In India’s diverse and dynamic business landscape, aspiring entrepreneurs have many low-cost business ideas with high-profit potential. Whether venturing into e-commerce, digital services, education, or personal wellness, the key lies in passion, dedication, and the ability to provide value to customers.


Which Business is Highly Profitable?

Website Designing

No wonder it’s considered one of India’s most profitable businesses with low investment. Website designing, blogging, and digital marketing are also gaining pace in becoming the most in-demand services. It would help to have a laptop, software, technical skills, and creativity.

How To Get 1 Lakh Rupees?

Some of the best ways to earn ₹1 lakh per month in India are through freelancing, affiliate marketing, social media management, online tutoring, trading in the stock market and much more. You should know there is no “quick” way to do this. It will still require hard work from you to make this possible.

What Business Can You Start with 20 Lakhs in India?

Bakery. Another business idea you can begin with an investment of less than Rs 20 lakh is opening a bakery shop. The demand for home-baked goods is rising. You can make a huge profit if you are passionate about developing quality products for every occasion.

What is Zero Investment Business?

Here, we will explore the 10 best online businesses to start that could lead you to success. Remember, “Zero Investment” doesn’t mean no effort; it merely indicates that these businesses require minimal to no initial capital but plenty of dedication and hard work.

Is 10 Lakh Enough to Start a Business?

Conclusion. Starting a business need not break the bank. With careful planning and a bit of creativity, you can embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey with a budget under 10 lakhs. Remember, the key lies in offering and effectively marketing a quality product or service.

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