Does Doordash Make Your Insurance Go Up


Nowadays, food delivery services like DoorDash have become ubiquitous when everything is convenient and rapid. Whether you’re craving your favorite restaurant’s delicacies or simply too busy to cook, DoorDash offers a tempting solution.

However, a pressing question often arises for those considering becoming DoorDash drivers: “Does DoorDash make your insurance go up?” In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the intricacies of insurance for DoorDash drivers, examining whether this gig economy job could impact your insurance premiums.

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DoorDash and Insurance

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a leading food delivery platform connecting customers with their favorite restaurants and eateries through a network of independent drivers. Founded in 2013, DoorDash has rapidly expanded its presence and now serves millions of hungry customers across the United States and other countries.


The Role of Insurance in the Gig Economy

The gig economy, characterized by short-term, freelance, and flexible work arrangements, has transformed how people earn their livelihoods. One of the fundamental aspects of gig work is understanding the implications for insurance coverage. Whether you’re a rideshare driver, delivery driver, or freelancer, your insurance needs may differ from those of traditional employees.

How DoorDash Insurance Works

DoorDash provides insurance coverage for its drivers, but the extent and nature of this coverage depend on specific circumstances. When you sign up as a Dasher (DoorDash driver), you become eligible for certain insurance protections provided by the platform. These protections include primary auto insurance, excess auto insurance, liability coverage, and contingent comprehensive and collision coverage.

DoorDash Insurance Policies

DoorDash, a food delivery service, provides insurance coverage for its drivers, known as “Dashers,” while on active deliveries. These insurance policies protect Dashers and third parties from accidents or incidents while they work. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are the key insurance policies DoorDash offers:

Liability Insurance:

DoorDash provides third-party liability insurance to pay for any physical harm or property damage a Dasher may cause to others while delivering a delivery. Usually, this insurance has coverage limits. In today’s convenient, instantaneous world, 

Excess Auto Insurance

DoorDash’s excess auto insurance policy provides additional coverage beyond a Dasher’s auto insurance while they are actively making deliveries. This policy may come into play if a Dasher’s auto insurance denies a claim.

Contingent Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

This coverage helps protect Dashers’ vehicles against physical damage caused by accidents while actively delivering orders. It’s considered “contingent” because it only applies if the Dasher’s auto insurance does not cover the damage.

Injury Protection Insurance

DoorDash may offer injury protection insurance to compensate for lost wages and medical costs for injured Dashers while on an active delivery.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This coverage may help protect Dashers if they are involved in a collision that was the fault of an underinsured or uninsured driver. Both medical costs and property damage may be covered.

Please note that the details and availability of these insurance policies can vary by location and may have evolved since my last update. Dashers need to review DoorDash’s insurance policies carefully and consult with the company or a legal/insurance expert if they have specific questions or concerns about coverage.

Since insurance policies can change over time, I recommend visiting the official DoorDash website or contacting DoorDash directly to get the most up-to-date and accurate information on their insurance policies and coverage limits as of 2023. Dashers should also consider maintaining auto insurance to ensure comprehensive coverage while driving for DoorDash.

Personal Auto Insurance vs. Commercial Auto Insurance

Personal Auto Insurance

Personal auto insurance is the standard coverage most drivers have for their vehicles. It typically includes liability coverage, compensating people for the harm and damages you cause them in an accident, and comprehensive and collision coverage, which pays for damages to your vehicle in various situations.

Commercial Auto Insurance

On the other hand, commercial auto insurance is made for companies that employ vehicles for business purposes. It covers vehicles used in business operations, such as delivery trucks, taxis, and rideshare vehicles. Commercial auto insurance policies are more comprehensive and expensive than personal policies due to the increased risk associated with business use.

The Gray Area: When Personal Meets Commercial

One of the challenges DoorDash drivers face is the overlap between personal and commercial use of their vehicles. While DoorDash drivers use their cars to make deliveries, their auto insurance policies may not explicitly cover this use.

Doordash Insurance: What It Covers

Primary Auto Insurance

DoorDash provides primary auto insurance coverage when you are actively engaged in a delivery. If you get into an accident while on a delivery, DoorDash’s insurance is the primary coverage, and you don’t need to rely on your auto insurance first.

Excess Auto Insurance

When you’re not actively on a delivery but are logged into the DoorDash app and available to accept orders, DoorDash provides excess auto insurance. This coverage kicks in if your personal insurance policy denies a claim or if your personal policy’s limits are exhausted.

Liability Coverage

DoorDash’s insurance policies include liability coverage that protects you if you cause injury or property damage to others while making deliveries. This coverage can be crucial, as liability claims can be expensive.

Contingent Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

DoorDash also offers contingent comprehensive and collision coverage. This coverage applies when your personal insurance policy doesn’t cover damages to your vehicle during a delivery. For example, if you’re involved in an accident while delivering food, and your policy doesn’t cover commercial use, DoorDash’s contingent coverage may come into play.

Insurance Considerations for DoorDash Drivers

Personal Auto Insurance Coverage Gaps

One of the primary concerns for DoorDash drivers is the potential coverage gaps in their auto insurance policies. Most personal auto insurance policies explicitly exclude coverage for accidents while the vehicle is used for commercial purposes.

The Requirement to Inform Your Insurance Company

You must inform your auto insurance company that you work as a DoorDash driver. Please disclose this information to avoid your policy being canceled or claims being denied in case of an accident.

The Impact on Premiums

Informing your insurance company about your DoorDash activities might lead to an increase in your premiums. However, depending on several conditions, the magnitude of the growth may differ.

How to Mitigate Insurance Risks as a DoorDash Driver

DoorDash’s Insurance Policies

Insurance policies and how they complement your coverage is essential. You can make informed decisions by being aware of DoorDash’s coverage and the gaps in your policy.

Rideshare Endorsements and Commercial Policies

Some insurance companies offer rideshare endorsements or commercial auto insurance policies designed for gig economy workers. These policies can bridge the gap between personal and commercial use and provide comprehensive coverage.

Best Practices for Safe and Informed Driving

As a DoorDash driver, safety should always be your top priority. Safe driving reduces the risk of accidents and helps maintain a good driving record, which can be beneficial when negotiating insurance premiums.

DoorDash’s Influence on Insurance Premiums: Debunking Myths

Common Misconceptions

There are several misconceptions about how impacts insurance premiums. Some drivers fear their premiums will skyrocket as soon as they sign up with the platform, while others believe that DoorDash’s insurance coverage is sufficient in all situations.

Statistics and Real-world Experiences

To provide a more accurate perspective, we’ll delve into statistics and real-world experiences of DoorDash drivers regarding their insurance premiums. We’ll examine whether the fears and myths are grounded in reality or if there’s a more nuanced picture.

Case Studies: Real Stories from DoorDash Drivers

How DoorDash Affected Their Insurance

To shed light on the real impact of DoorDash on insurance, we’ll share case studies and interviews. These drivers will discuss their experiences with insurance companies, premium changes, and any challenges they face.

Tips and Insights from DoorDash Veterans

Experienced DoorDash drivers will offer tips and insights into navigating the insurance landscape successfully. They’ll share their strategies for minimizing risks and managing insurance costs while working for the platform.

Legal and Regulatory Aspects

Insurance Laws and Regulations

Each state in the U.S. has its own set of insurance laws and regulations. We’ll explore how these laws may affect DoorDash drivers and whether specific requirements or limitations exist in different states.

The DoorDash Contract: What You Need to Know

The DoorDash contract and terms of service contain important information about insurance, liability, and responsibilities. We’ll break down the contract to help you understand your rights and obligations as a Dasher.

Alternatives to DoorDash and Insurance Considerations

Other Gig Economy Platforms

DoorDash is just one of many gig economy platforms available to drivers. We’ll briefly explore alternatives such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Postmates and how their insurance policies compare to DoorDash’s.

Diversifying Income Sources

Diversifying income sources can be a viable strategy for gig workers concerned about insurance costs and risks. We’ll discuss how diversification can reduce dependence on a single platform and spread the associated insurance costs.


While DoorDash can provide a flexible and convenient source of income, drivers need to navigate the complex world of insurance with caution. Your auto insurance policy may not cover all aspects of gig work, potentially leaving you vulnerable in case of accidents or damages. However, DoorDash’s insurance coverage can fill some of these gaps.

The impact on your insurance premiums varies depending on location, driving history, and the frequency of your DoorDash deliveries. To avoid potential policy cancellations or claim denials, it’s crucial to inform your insurance company about your gig work.

Ultimately, whether DoorDash makes your insurance go up depends on various factors. You can make well-informed judgments by carefully weighing the facts in this article.

That balances the benefits of gig work with the potential insurance implications. Remember that knowledge is your most valuable tool in the gig economy, helping you protect your financial security while pursuing your entrepreneurial goals.


Does driving for DoorDash affect my auto insurance rates?

In most cases, driving for DoorDash should not directly increase your auto insurance rates. However, it’s essential to inform your insurance provider that you are using your vehicle for food delivery to ensure appropriate coverage.

Do I need special insurance to drive for DoorDash?

While DoorDash provides some insurance coverage for its drivers, you should check with your auto insurance provider and consider obtaining additional coverage to ensure you are adequately protected while delivering for the platform.

What happens if I get into an accident while delivering for DoorDash?

DoorDash’s insurance policies generally provide coverage during active deliveries. If you’re involved in an accident, you should promptly report it to your insurance provider. 

Will my insurance company drop me if they find out I’m a DoorDash driver?

Most insurance providers do not automatically drop policyholders for working as DoorDash drivers. However, you must notify your insurance company of your delivery gig to ensure appropriate coverage.

Should I get commercial auto insurance as a DoorDash driver?

While commercial auto insurance may not be required for all DoorDash drivers, discussing your situation with your insurance provider is recommended. They can help determine if commercial coverage is necessary based on your delivery volume and other factors.

Can DoorDash’s insurance be used as my primary coverage while delivering?

DoorDash’s insurance can be used as primary coverage while actively making deliveries for the platform. However, it may have coverage limits and conditions, so it’s crucial to understand the details and ensure they meet your needs.

Do insurance rates go up if I claim DoorDash’s insurance?

Claiming DoorDash’s insurance should not directly impact your insurance rates. However, if your insurance provider finds out about the claim, they may adjust your rates, so discussing any claims with your insurer is essential.

How can I ensure I have the right insurance coverage as a DoorDash driver?

Talk to your auto insurance provider about your work to ensure you have the right coverage. They can help you understand your current coverage and recommend any necessary adjustments or additional policies.





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