Top 10 Best Web Development Trends & Technologies in 2021

web development trends

Every year there is a change in the web development trends, which sets a new direction for business owners and web developers. The implementation of advanced internet applications, computer science, the net of Things isn’t new for big corporations like Google, Amazon, or Forbes.
To remain on an equivalent level with such giants, all businesses must research tendencies across industries and not ignore the changes technology brings to internet development.

Either your business is aimed toward e-commerce, digital promotion, or technology inventions, you should remember those high internet development trends for 2021.

As we all prepare to say goodbye to 2020 and enter 2021, there is an arena that has shown continued progress, new development, and innovation like never before technology. And an essential arm of technology that is showing its progress in web development.

Knowing the trends and knowing what is happening around is extremely important for web development. Statistics such as the number of visitors to the site due to poor design, who had a bad user experience, turned into customers due to innovative design, etc., are significant numbers that can guide you to better business tomorrow.

Essential Web Development Trends in 2021

Augmented and Virtual Reality
Blockchain Technology
Single Page Applications (SPA)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
ChatBots Offering A New Experience
Internet of Things (IoT)
Voice Search Optimization
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Motion UI/Graphics

Augmented and Virtual Reality

In all these years, AR / VR technology has been steady progress in implementing our growth. This technique of customer satisfaction levels encourages web development projects to integrate into its structure AR / VR. AR and VR have never looked back.

There are many ways in which AR and VR can make websites/apps work better. Real-time performance can be created with which customers can be satisfied. This can be felt not only on mobile devices but also on laptops and desktops.

Web developers are engaged in improving AR and VR all over the world.

Key Features-

Attractive Customer Experience
Ability to reach an extensive base of customers
Virtual Tour and Experience
Independent of language, region, and industry type

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been popular for a long time, but it has recently entered the world of web development. I will see more to do in the coming times. Blockchain is a series of blocks of cryptographically secure data and tied to each other through a chain.

This is known as a public record of digital information that creates a secure network on the Internet through blocks. Blocks can contain money, transactions, identities, contracts, and more.
It is considered a better way to transfer money, and the integration of blockchain is essential and involved in web payment transactions. It helps in preventing any misuse, scams, cybercrime, etc.

Key Features-

Easily complete with modern-day technologies
Quickly connects customer information.
High-end interoperability
Simplified and easy to use


In today’s connected world, each benefits from advanced cyber defense programs. On an individual level, a network protection assault can be everything from identity fraud to forcing efforts to lose important information from family photographs. Everyone relies on critical infrastructures such as power plants, hospitals, and financial services companies. These and other organizations are essential to keep our society functioning.

Technology is required to give organizations and individuals the necessary computer security tools to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Three fundamental substances must be secured: endpoint gadgets, for example, PCs, keen gadgets, and Router; networks; And Clouds. General advancement is used to guarantee these substances fuse forefront firewalls, DNS filtering, antivirus programming, and email security courses of action.

A successful cybersecurity approach has multiple security layers spread across computers, networks, programs, or data, intended to be protected. In an association, individuals, methods, and innovations should all supplement each other to make effective guards against cyber attacks.

Key Features-

Threat prevention, detection, and response.
Manage risk across your entire ecosystem.
A defense against internal threats.
Coverage of your biggest external threats.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

Many well-known companies worldwide, such as Uber, Facebook, and Google, have already started using single-page applications. The SPA or single-page application is an app that works inside the browser and does not require page reloading when used. One of the main advantages of single-page applications is their UX which provides a maximum natural environment. Unlike traditional web apps, there is no need to wait for the page to reload as the Single Page Applications(SPA) loads only one page on the first request. The content & details change, but the page remains the same. This allows the user to enjoy easy and uninterrupted scrolling. The top rating SPA frameworks are Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Meteor, and Backbone.js.

Key Features-

Fast and responsive
Caching capabilities
Linear user experience
Debugging with Chrome

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Processing large amounts of customer data, AI enables a greater personalization level, showing customers only interesting and relevant information. It uses customers’ previous purchases, history of searches, top-class pages, number of visits to the website, and more. With each journey, the AI platform collects data about individual customers, enabling this innovative technology to make more accurate and relevant recommendations.

Through statistical and cognitive analysis, websites gain the ability to process the information on any scale to detect customers’ needs and serve their interests appropriately. Technology is also re-shaping web development by offering chatbots, ADI technology, and voice-based interactions. Due to AI in web development, business productivity and profitability have increased.

Key Features-

Eliminate dull and monotonous tasks
Imitates human cognition
Prevent natural disasters
Facial Recognition and Chatbots
Chatbots and AI-powered assistance

ChatBots Offering A New Experience

Over the past few years, we have experienced a significant increase in chatbot integration in websites. And the demand for automated communication solutions is projected to increase even more over the next year. Integrated with machine learning algorithms, chatbots respond to users’ queries without any need for human assistance. They can provide innovative solutions to some common questions and later pass on the issue to a higher authority if necessary. This technology saves enormous costs for businesses replacing many customer service professionals and speeds up the problem-solving process.

One of the fastest examples is to combine intelligent NLP systems with machine learning technology to guarantee users a quick and accurate experience. The bot’s purpose is to prevent people from misbehaving with life-threatening diseases on medical websites, making faster, easier, and more transparent medical diagnoses for patients and physicians.

Key Features-

Conversational Maturity
Integrates with CRM
Emotionally Intelligent
Free to Explore
Autonomous Reasoning
Pre-Trained, secure, and prompt in answering
easily handle multiple channels

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes an organization of actual items — “things” — that is installed with sensors, programming, and different advancements planned to associate and trade information with various gadgets and frameworks on the Internet. These devices range from simple household items to sophisticated industrial appliances. Today, 10 billion IoT gadgets are being used all over the world. And it can reach 22 billion in 2025.

IoT is additionally helping web advancement measurement effectively, allowing it to easily coordinate with various advances such as wearables, cloud-based gadgets, serverless innovation. This helps in web improvement in delivering sites faster.

Key Features-

Data sensing and collection
Device connection and connectivity
Interaction with multiple user interfaces
Data value and Human value
Predictive design to predict future behavior
Secure data transmission of private information

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search Optimization technology is also gaining popularity day by day. TechCrunch reports that 66,4 million Americans own smart speakers. Instead of spending time pressing and typing buttons, users can speak, and search results are instantly displayed on their screen. They improve client experience by building search engines faster, more suitable, and providing more accurate results. About one-third of the approximately 3,5 billion searches on Google are voice searches. If your website’s content is optimized correctly, you may be the first company to develop Alexa or Siri during users’ voice search.

According to the algorithm update “Florida” released by Google, integrated websites are predicted to rank higher than those not using voice technology. So, businesses should pay attention to this trend when considering web development in 2021. Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Hyundai, Pandora, Mercedes-Benz, etc., are using this technology to grow their business rapidly.

Key Features-

Optimize for Rich Answers.
Re-Imagine and Restructure Your Content.
Use Conversational Language for Content.
Target Long-Tail Keyword Phrases.
Improve Loading Time of Your Website.
Pay Attention to Mobile.
Leverage Google My Business Listings.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is powered by Google, an open-source project to help web-promoters generate mobile-optimized materials that load instantly on all devices.

Developed through plugins, offering fast loading times, and extremely popular for an exceptional UI / UX, accelerated mobile pages are becoming more popular as the New Year approaches. It makes mobile-friendliness real and provides a great UI / UX with high speed.

The best part of AMP is that it provides excellent results without complex coding. It helps organizations to increase their online presence. Fast loading of pages allows visitors to reach the webpage with ease and speed. Organizations like BMW, CNBC, Swift Commerce, India Today Group, etc., are taking advantage of this innovation’s capability.

Key Features-

Faster loading of pages
Simplistic to use and easily accessible
User friendly with a better conversion ratio
Instant page accessibility
Seamless integration with third party elements

Motion UI/Graphics

Animations, transitions, and graphics are handy for developing attractive web pages, applications, and sites. Motion UI is the latest front-end technology used to enhance web interfaces. It is a library with many beautiful animations that allow developers to play around them and create new ones. Technology is beneficial to increase user engagement, leading to a great user experience and increasing the time spent on your website.

The Google translation team is working on reducing gender bias for gender-neutral words and phrases. The team designed simple animations to focus the user on one piece of information at a time. Text fields remain compressed as long as users are typing, but when they are finished – the box automatically expands to show you masculine and feminine translations.

Key Features-

Driving Attention
Seamless Transition
Add fun elements


Wrapping UP

The time has come to realize that technology has redefined web development in terms that we used to know. In the circumstances of the 2020 epidemic, most businesses have learned how to operate remotely, using all the benefits of the latest web marketing trends. We hope that the direction of rapid growth and positive change in 2021 will touch the technology sector and every aspect of people’s lives.


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