How Are You Being Tracked By Several Webmaster!


Google Maps reaches its version 9.12 with an update that will drive the confusions crazy through tracking, as it shows a complete history of where you’ve been, proving once again that Google watches you, Google follows you, and Google remembers. Google, the eye that sees everything. You can now see all the places where you’ve been with Google Maps.

This new functionality will revolve around two new tabs in the side menu, “your timeline” and “my sites.” In the first one, you are shown a full tracking of the places you have moved; you can select by date; in the second, you will see a list of the last places you have visited, ideal to remember the name of that bar at that a friend took you addition, this new update also allows you to edit the name of places to reflect better what it is, it is a personal change. Only you will see this new name.


It has happened to all of us once that we have gone to someplace with someone, and then we have not been able to remember the name or exactly its position. That aims to end with “my sites,” a section within Google Maps that aims to serve as a reminder for those who have the memory of Dori.

It will show us the premises that we have visited in recent months, ordered chronologically and showing us the times we have been and the last time we went. This section will also appear in the places that we have marked as favorites, as well as saved routes and maps without the connection. Best Google Analytics Tricks.

Also, this new update will allow us to customize the names of places to remember better what they are. To do this, enter the tab of the site or location where you have put the marker and display the menu from the button in the upper right corner and click on “edit name.”

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