Best Google Analytics Tricks

Best Google Analytics Tricks


The use of Google Analytics in blogging and website management has become a permanent part of everyone’s list of tools. But there are some people who are looking for ways on how to use this ( Google Analytics Tricks) overrated tool in a higher level.

This is why people are now looking for different tricks and techniques in utilizing the good old Google Analytics. Here are some Google Analytics Tricks you can try out.

Integrate With Other Google Products

Google Analytics can actually be considered as an all-in-one tool. But it can actually be better when used with other effective Google products such as Website Optimizer or Webmaster Tools.
This makes it essentially an everything-possible tool.

Website optimizer is a rather useful tool for determining the best website designs through conversion rates. Utilizing it with Google Analytics will definitely provide much more specific results.
Webmaster Tools can already be integrated with the Google Analytics interface. This provides a better and little more accurate understanding of the numbers and the Google Analytics properties.

A few other good tools to utilize with Google Analytics are Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. This is will allow users to monitor their website’s statistics as well as the trending stats of the World Wide Web.

Use Real-Time Reporting

Real-time tracking is an essential for every website owner. It makes it possible for web owners to specifically deal with issues, results and other website aspects on the exact time it is happening. It allows faster changes and reactions to results.

This Google tool will allow people to have a look of the things happening on the website at a specific time such as the current number of visitors to the website, what they are doing, what page they are at, where they were before and what their locations are.

Monitor Website Speed

Google Analytics recently released a rather useful feature – Site Speed. In these days when people have become more impatient and stubborn when it comes to online surfing, a slow loading website is just not a good thing.

Site Speed allows users to determine which web pages are having slower loading speeds. This is considerably a website essential and should be on everyone’s priority list. Otherwise, visitors will most likely press the Back button before the page even finish loading.

Customizing The Dashboard

Customizing one’s dashboards will certainly create an interface the user can easily use and understand. There are actually different widgets that users can integrate into their Google Analytics interface which can be of great help in tracking the website’s acquired visits, goals,and rate of bounces.
Google Analytics Tricks

Going with the “Flow”

Google Analytics’ Flow Visualization feature is a rather interesting tool. This will allow users to have a visual representation of how the visitors navigate through the site as well as displays a conversion funnel for people to analyze and base their improvements in.
Using Google Analytics would be a lot better and easier when used with a little sprinkle of the fairy dust of expert tricks and techniques.  Here are just some of Google Analytics Tricks that one can do for a better GA.

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