Top 5 SEO Projections in the Coming Year

Search Engine Optimization has always been a war zone! The battle for page rankings wage on and on year after year; many have overcome the trials, but a great number have also succumbed into the abyss of defeat. The promise of sunshine was destroyed by the release of Google’s latest update: Penguin. It was a weapon of mass destruction in SEO battlegrounds. It literally laid waste to all the achievements of even the most successful! The question of hope now arises, but the answers are all blurry and smudged! 2012 is a storm coming to an end and with Google being very active with the panda and penguin updates is there any glimpse of a rainbow in 2013?.
In this article, we will discuss 5 projections by SEO Experts around the globe.
Top 5 SEO Projections

1. Google Author Rank Markup will be the basis of Ranking
On the crucial job in the SEO industry is keeping in close contact with Google and eyeing every bit of change that it makes that may affect the rankings of our pages. Google is determined to implement Author Rank markup to be a critical element as the basis for future page rankings. Many prominent SEO experts such as Jonathan Russell, SEO Executive of, see a similar future, so chances that we might not be very far off in being correct is very high.

2. Guest Posting will be devalued by GOOGLE
Guest blogging is a very effective way of building links and increasing page rankings. However, there have been indications that article spinning being rampant recently. Matt Cutts of Google recently stated that they are willing to penalize these kinds of guest blogging.

Acts that are manipulative of true rankings are soon going to see their end. For this reason, site owners and SEO experts have to up their hands-on activities on qualitative content! Creating valuable content and building quality white hat links will be the new rules of the game.

3. Titles and descriptions no longer a technical factor.
Keyword stuffing or the loading web pages with words and numerical symbols in an attempt to try and manipulate a website’s page rankings. This was a strategy that worked a while back but is no longer considered to be ethical these days. With the penguin update, sites that use keyword tagging will be penalized. Because of this, website owners will again have to step up the quality control of the content on their sites. Titles and descriptions are part of creative messaging in penguin and a technical parameter no more.

4. Social Media will continue to influence SEO.
Social media has been one of the greatest influences of SEO practices for the last 5 years or more. Facebook fan pages, Twitter profiles, linked in business pages, Quota, Google Business pages and a lot more social media profiles have greatly influenced the search engine results. Google is also looking to revamp Google + and in doing so it will gradually affect the factors used for ranking.

5. Penguin will not be defeated…yet!
The scars being inflicted on site owners and on SEO are still ongoing This dilemma poses a serious problem for sites because it threatens to destroy all the hard work that was channeled into attaining good ranking scores over the years. This will go on for a bit longer than wanted and 2013 is sure to be another year of battling penguin. Many of these predictions are simply what they are, guesses.

Although these are still untrue for the moment it is not really hard to believe that this is the path that SEO is diving into. We can all hope that page rankings will be the way they were before the drastic changes through the updates. More importantly, however, we must learn to adapt quickly to this new environment that penguin is forcing us into. At the end of the day, after all, predictions have been cast, it all still proves one thing: quality is the key to good page rankings and content is still king.

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  2. After this i’m sure to follow u more. Love your posts.

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