The Key Ingredients of a High Converting Free Opt-In Offer



The money’s in the list.

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard this phrase. Getting people to sign up for your list can be difficult; however, if you don’t offer them something in return. And once you have them on your subscriber list, you need to turn them into customers. This isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

This report will guide you on how to turn your subscribers into customers. Here are explanations on the top considerations you should take to create high converting opt-in offers. You’ll learn why new subscribers are useful for converting quickly to paid customers with examples of how to save them.

Before getting into those concepts, what exactly is an opt-in offer?

An opt-in offer, sometimes called a lead magnet, is simply a compelling reason you give someone to sign up for your list. It’s worth having a good incentive because having the right people on your email list is the beginning of generating profits quickly and in the future.

Your opt-in offer should be related to the reason people are on your site. It doesn’t make sense to offer a guide on raising chickens, for example, when people visiting your website are looking for ways to write a book.

The opt-in will need to offer specific benefits to the subscriber. As an example, a beginner’s cooking blog could provide a resource listing the essential tools required to stock their kitchen.

There are many different opt-in incentives you can use. It’s a matter of choosing the one right for your business.

Examples of opt-in freebies include the following. The type of freebie is limited only by your imagination, though.

  • A Printable eBook Or Guide is one of the most common freebies offered. The content is generally detailed information on your niche. Readers are happy to get their answers in one place and will gladly grab you’re a freebie. It doesn’t have to be a book-length guide either. A few pages, around 8 to 14, of information and action tips, are high.
  • Worksheets, Action cheatsheets, or checklists are quick guides that help subscribers get a detailed action plan to help them with some problem related to your niche.
  • An email or video The course is top-rated. Most email courses are set to run for a specific number of days. This is great because it gives you the option to be in your subscriber’s inbox regularly.
  • Give them free access to something. It could be a free chapter in a book you’ve written, free access to your private Facebook group, or a limited area of your membership area. Giving them free access to your Facebook group or membership area gives them an introduction to your credibility.

These are just a few samples of the types of opt-ins you can offer and why you need an opt-in to build your list. And once you have had them on your freebie list, you want to be able to convert

them to buying customers quickly. Throughout this Guide, you’ll learn how to do precisely that.

 Proven Concepts for Creating Highly

Converting Opt-in Offers

Now that you know why you need an opt-in and what to offer, it’s time to create an opt-in offer that converts your freebie subscribers into customers. You’ll need to learn a few basic concepts to follow for creating a highly converting opt-in. The following tips will guide you with those concepts.

Do your research? Find out what people are searching for. When you know what problems people are having, the things they are asking about, it is much easier to match your opt-in offers and product promotions to help them further and ensure they are going to buy. You can find out by doing keyword research with tools like, joining groups, and forums to research your audience on social media what they need. You can do this by creating polls or surveys. Look at the questions asked on a site like Quora.  Look at Pinterest’s trending pins to see what is popular. Another option is the use of a free tool like BuzzSumo that gives you news on the trends happening in your niche. You can browse Amazon books for ideas on what people are having problems with. Just search bestsellers in your place and look at the table of contents in them for purposes.

Understand buyer intent. When visitors are looking for something, they are often looking for information. But sometimes they are looking for a tip to buy. For example, they might be looking for product reviews or prices, a coupon, or something. That means they are more likely looking to buy something.

It would help if you focused on information type content, and you can create your opt-in offers around that, too. However, ensure you target some of that buyer intent stuff because those people are going to be ready to buy. It is going to be easier to convert those subscribers into customers much quicker.

You can create reports that compare and review products. You can offer a unique bonus if people buy it. You can use that same concept – that they will get something a little extra if they are opt-in.

You can give out coupons if it’s your product. Alternatively, if it is an affiliate product, don’t be shy about contacting the sellers to ask for a card or some special offer.

Again, you are going to be doing a combination of people looking for information and those wanting to buy, but remember to keep those buyer phrases in mind and think about what kind of gift you could give them for subscribing that will help them solve that problem.

You want Multiple points of entry to your list. One opt-in offer isn’t going to grow your list overnight. It would help if you lured your visitors in with different types of targeted information, so you can capture more subscribers that are in your target market.

Of course, you start with one, and then you build on that, because the more you have, the more traffic you are going to get and the more your target audience is going to be able to find you.

Promote Your opt-in offers in context. Most people make an opt-in offer, put it in the sidebar, and hope that when people visit the site, they will see it. However, if visitors are reading an article on a specific topic and your opt-in offer on the side doesn’t directly relate to what they are reading, they are probably going to ignore it. However, if you have something directly related to your article and you can tell them about that opt-in right in your item, you are more likely to get that person to sign up.

Be matchy-matchy. Think of your opt-in process as a content funnel. You’re attracting people who are interested in a specific subject, and you want that subject to carry the whole way through, so they are more likely to buy what you are selling.

First, you need a traffic driver to get to your opt-in offer. This might be a video (as shown in the diagram below). Your video content topic should match your opt-in offer or the call-to-action you are giving video viewers. If you create a video that teaches people how to get motivated to lose weight, offering a free report on exercise is not nearly as good as one focused on motivation or one that gives them some tool or something that will keep them motivated.


Now that we’ve covered those guiding concepts let’s talk about some excellent news.

Why New Subscribers Are Perfect for Becoming Paid Customers

When you have new customers signing up, they’ve shown an interest in what you have to offer. This is the perfect time to begin offering them paid options. Here’s why:

A few statistics to consider:

  1. 320% more revenue is attributed to welcome emails on a per email basis than other promotional emails. So, the very first email is the most profitable. However, most of us give out the gift or whatever we promised and then leave it at that.
  2. Email subject lines that include the words “thank you” have the highest above-average engagement levels. That’s another reason why the welcome email is so powerful. It is something subscribers asked for, and they are expecting it. You are delivering it, so they are paying attention.
  3. Transactional Emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email and can generate 6x more revenue. When someone purchases something from you, you can use the thank you email to get them to buy something else.

Always take advantage of those emails. Make sure there is a promotion in there of some kind — something highly targeted and related to what they just bought, something that will enhance their experience. If you already have products available, go add thank you emails. If you already have these emails set up, go back and fix them, so you have a new offer in each.

This brings us to the conclusion that a new subscriber is very likely to become a new customer if you leverage the follow-up email opportunity.


A Few Opt-in Offer Examples That Convert Visitors into Customers

There are several ways to approach these. Here are a few examples of free offers.

With their Private Label Rights content, this site gives out a free sample. PLR buyers love having more PLR. So, they get a freebie offer right on the thank you page.

Then, in the thank you email and follow-up emails, they offer subscribers a value-packed package to get them into their customer list.

It is usually something a little bit cheaper than usual, but it converts them from subscribers to customers fast.


Spotify has an offer where you can join their free trial; then, they start trying to sell you the $9.99 a month premium offer.



Here is a free plus shipping offer where they offer the book open, and people have to pay for shipping. They get the book, and they pay $9.95 for shipping anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. At this point, they are buyers, but they offer an upsell for them to get a digital and audio copy of the book.



From there, they have a sales center that calls them to get them into a higher-end program for credit repair because most people don’t want to do it themselves.

While slightly different from just giving a freebie away, the goal for this is to get people who are committed to buying.

Yoga International is offering something free, but they require a credit card number to be there so that people can cancel.

That’s four examples of ways to create your opt-in pages. There are many other ways to do it, and once you do your research and know your target audience, you should have an idea of what will work best for them. If you like a few different methods, don’t hesitate to test them all out to see which converts best.


What’s Next

So far, you’ve discovered what an opt-in a freebie is and why you need a good one to convert your subscribers to customers. You found out what types of freebies you can offer. These include everything from one-page checklists, eBooks to limited access to your membership site.

The statistics told the story of why new subscribers are primed and ready to buy. This Guide showed you how the subscriber should be approached for converting to a buying customer when they subscribe.

The examples of opt-ins showed the different ways businesses are using to convert subscribers into customers. By now, you should have a good idea of why new subscribers are ready to be turned into customers. To find high-quality content like ebooks, and reports that you can use to build your list, check out our friends at They supply excellent done-for-you niche products and range with rights to use in your business!



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