How do they boost using social media!

How do they boost using social media!

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is the chart of commercial marketing techniques for the analysis, planning, execution, and evaluation of programs designed to influence voluntary behaviour in target audiences, and thus improve their personal well-being and that of Social Marketing Change.

They involve the ability and ability to use knowledge and attitudes about society, understood from different perspectives, in its dynamic, changing and complex conception, to interpret social phenomena and problems.

♦ Social competence is related to personal and collective well-being. It requires understanding how people can achieve optimal physical and mental health, both for themselves and their families and for their immediate social environment, and to know how a healthy lifestyle can contribute to this.

It involves knowledge that allows us to understand and critically analyze the codes of conduct and the uses generally accepted in different societies and environments, as well as their tensions and processes of change. The same importance has to know the basic concepts related to the individual, the group, the organization of work, equality, and non-discrimination between men and women and between different ethnic or cultural groups, society and culture. Likewise, it is essential to understand the intercultural and socio-economic dimensions of European societies and to perceive cultural and national identities as a dynamic and changing socio-cultural process in interaction with the European one, in a context of increasing globalization.

Skills such as the ability to communicate in a constructive way in different social and cultural environments, show tolerance, express and understand different points of view, negotiate knowing how to inspire confidence and feel empathy are also required. People must be able to manage behaviour that is respectful of differences expressed in a constructive manner.

And finally, it is related to attitudes and values as a form of collaboration, self-confidence and integrity and honesty. People should be interested in socio-economic development and their contribution to the greater social well-being of the entire population, as well as intercultural communication, diversity of values and respect for differences, as well as being willing to overcome prejudices and engage in this sense.

♦ Civic competence is based on critical knowledge of the concepts of democracy, justice, equality, citizenship and human and civil rights, as well as its formulation in the Spanish Constitution, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and in declarations international organizations, and their application by various institutions at local, regional, national, European and international levels. This includes the knowledge of contemporary events, as well as the most important events and the main trends in the national, European and world histories, as well as the understanding of the social and cultural processes of migratory nature that imply the existence of multicultural societies. in the globalized world.

The skills of this competence are related to the ability to interact effectively in the public sphere and to express solidarity and interest in solving problems that affect the school environment and the community, whether local or wider. It involves critical and creative reflection and constructive participation in the activities of the community or the immediate and immediate environment, as well as decision making in local, national or European contexts and, in particular, through the exercise of the vote and the social and civic activity.

The attitudes and values inherent in this competence are those that are directed towards full respect for human rights and the will to participate in democratic decision-making at all levels, whatever the value system adopted. It also includes manifesting the sense of responsibility and showing understanding and respect for the shared values that are necessary to ensure the cohesion of the community, based on respect for democratic principles. Constructive participation also includes civic activities and support for social diversity and cohesion and sustainable development, as well as the will to respect the values and privacy of others and the reflective and critical reception of information from the media. Communication.



Social Sharing Site list



Acquiring these skills means being able to put oneself in the place of the other, accept differences, be tolerant and respect the values, beliefs, cultures and personal and collective history of others.


Top Social Sharing Site list


< tr>Track sharing stats of any page, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious, SU, and Reddit shared CountWebsiteFreeTwitter

Task Tool Tool Type Cost Network
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Test Open Graph markup (also force Facebook to recrawl the page and update cache) Facebook Debugging Website Free Facebook
Generate Open Graph tags for a page GinzaMetrics Website Free Facebook
Manage Facebook pages, build apps, and track ad conversions Webtrends Social Website Paid Facebook
Create Facebook ads Facebook Ad Creator Website Free Facebook
Track the top 100 users and the most popular posts on Google+ Google + Social Statistics Website Free Google+
Schedule tweets w/o having to set a time Buffer Browser Extension Free w/ Upgrade Option Multiple
Pull social share numbers for every page on a site Social Crawlytics Website Free w/ Upgrade Option Multiple
Social search engine Topsy Website Free Multiple
Find journalists on social networks Muck Rack Website Paid Multiple
Track mentions, hashtags, etc. Row Feeder Website Paid Multiple
Search 600+ social networks, over 150 domain names, and the USPTO Trademark Database to instantly secure your brand on the internet knowem Website Paid Multiple
Track social mentions Social Mention Website Free Multiple
Track social mentions Social Media Firehose (Yahoo Pipes) Website Free Multiple
Track social mentions Trackur Website Paid Multiple
Track social mentions Raven Tools’ Social Monitor Website Paid Multiple
Track social mentions and chart out 1 wk, 2 wk, or 1 mo of mentions among multiple keywords Moz’s Blogscape Website Paid Multiple
Social media analytics Radian6 Website Paid Multiple
GA’s social media reports Google Analytics Website Free Multiple
Social media measurement and analytics across multiple networks Simply Measured Website, Excel Free w/ Upgrade Option Multiple
Twitter and Facebook measurement/metrics Crowdbooster Website Free w/ Upgrade Option Multiple
Search follower profiles by keyword in bio, location, name, URL, min following, etc. follower wonk Website Free Twitter
Find out who’s tweeted a link back tweets Website Free Twitter
Find out who’s tweeted a link Who Tweeted Me Website Free Twitter
Find out best times to tweet based on follower activity Tweriod Website Free Twitter
See if two people are following each other on Twitter Do They Follow Each Other Website Free Twitter
Twitter follower analysis, metrics, tracking KnowYourFollowers Website Free w/ Upgrade Option Twitter
Get analytics for YouTube videos YouTube Analytics Website Free YouTube
Find and archive tweets The Archivist Website Free Twitter
Manage multiple social media accounts with one app Alternion Website Free Multiple
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Find sites’ top social pieces by different date ranges to generate content ideas BuzzSumo Website Free w/ Upgrade Option NA
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