Schematic presentation to grab audiences mind

Schema markup
Schema markup

Every information can be easily expressed by Schema markup in front of everyone to say what you want within some seconds.

What is a Schema?

A schema is a way to analyze, mentalize, and organize all the contents present in a text.

A schema is a graphic expression of the underline and the summary of a text after reading it. This one deals with graphically expressing and hierarchizing diverse ideas about content so that it is understandable after a simple observation.
As elaborated?
An outline has its origin in the extensive reading of a writer, and it’s underlining of main ideas, secondary and examples if necessary. In this way, for its realization, you must use keywords or phrases concise without any detail because it must be synthetic and brief.

Pretend that personal expressions are used when reviewing the epigraphs, titles, and subtitles of a text, deciding what kind of scheme you want to make. Usually, it is recommended the o express all the main ideas to the left and the right all the secondary ones.

Following this concept, it is often beneficial to use capital letters to emphasize the fundamental and lowercase sections for the elements present in them.


Types of schemes
There are two types of projects. We can talk; first, keys or summary table, which is very useful when we are faced with many subdivisions, or, secondly, a branched scheme or DIAGR loves simplifying recognize relationships between concepts in a graphical way it is the case of numerical schemes (Roman or Arabic numerals) or with letters.

At the same time, when remaking a scheme, a series of graphical resources are taken into account that complements it, such as boxes, lines, arrows, keys, letters, or bars (among others).

An example of a scheme commonly used is the tree-shaped scheme that, using a central word in the middle, has different levels with terms below, the further down you go, there is more precise information in my schema. Advanced Technical SEO in 2021 A Complete Guide

Every scheme is essential when ordering and organizing concepts are high ighting important information. In turn, a sound system will enable the reader to memorize visually the main ideas of images that should be studied. In this way, a scheme seeks to avoid the repetitiveness that is usual in writing and to interconnect all the images present in it.

For this reason, a scheme is usually beneficial because it gives us an overview of a topic to be studied; it is a synthesis exercise to increase the attention and concentration capacity at the time of reading, developing analytical skills and being an excellent ally to review.


Top Schema Providing Web Tools

Task Tool Tool Type Cost
Check structured markup stats Google Webmaster Tools Website Free
Test your structured markup Google’s Structured Data Testing Tools Website Free
Test your structured markup Bing’s MarkupValidator Website Free
Write schema.orgmarkup Schema Creator (by Raven Tools) Website Free
Generate microdata for local business Microdata Generator Website Free
Generate name, address, phone microdata for local store Local BusinessSchema (NAP) Website Free
WordPress plugin that creates markup WordPress schema plugin (by Raven Tools) Website Free
WordPress plugin that creates HTML markup (not just WordLift Website Free
Debug Facebook markup Facebook Object Debugger Website Free
Generate OpenGraph increase for a WordPress site Open Graph plugin for Facebook Website Free
Search sites that include profit Since Website Free
See how semantic info is searched and aggregated Sig. ma Semantic Mashup Website Free
Generate rich snippets for the e-commerce markup language, Good Relations (a alternative) Good Relations Rich Snippet Generator Website Free
Visualize and validate the structured data content available at a given URL Since Web Inspector Website Free
Generate HTML markup by filling out the form with company info Geo SitemapGenerator Website Free
Generate a KML file to submit to Google and Bing if you have multiple locations Geo SitemapGenerator Website Free



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