What Is The Value Of Linking

linking value
linking value

What Is The Value Of Linking?

Why should you be linking back to a website, or conversely, why should anyone link to you? Without any linking value accruing to either you or the other person, this linking back or backlinks will not be entertained. People relate to a website to share the popularity already attained by the website, much like people flocking to request an autograph of a famous film star.
When making quality links to a website, there is more at stake than pure popularity fulfillment. Web sites set up for revenue generation will look for two things before they link up. On the one hand, they will look for improvement in the rank of their website by linking up. On the other, they will estimate the increase in the number of visitors if they do the linking. It is true that no two links are the same and that there are so many more factors to be considered before backlinks can be called as quality links.
As per professionals in rank building and SEO, quality links have at least many elements that influence the linking value. Since it is not possible to cover and discuss all of them, some of the more important ones can be addressed. The factors that have been picked up are the ones that professional SEOs consider to influence the value of links and the link juice that the relationship could pass. Most people understand the importance of quality links in terms of the traffic that these generate.
Every factor has been accorded two influencing scales. The first influencing scale is graded from 1 to 5 for enhancing the value of the links. The other influencing level has also been graded from 1 to 5, but for the dampening or the negative effect on the value of the links. Therefore, the scale runs as: 1 for no influence; 2 for fractional control; 3 for reasonable control; 4 for strong influence; and 5 for a powerful force.
As per the above discussion, the ten most critical factors and their influencing values are:

Enhancing elements:

1. Anchor text – 4.56
2. Page authority (inbound link) – 4.38
3. Domain authority (quality of backlinks) – 4.38
4. Amount of outbound links on the page – 4.25
5. The total amount of links on page – 4.25
6. Age of domain – 4.06
7. Relevant authority (ranking on relevant keywords) – 3.94

Dampening factors:

8. Robots.txt excluded page – 4.75
9. The link is on the penalized page – 4.50
10. JavaScript links – 3.88
As stated earlier, no two relationships are the same, and neither do different search engines look at links in the same manner. This makes the above results somewhat relative. However, this may change the influencing values, to some extent, for different search engines, but the change is likely to be in the same direction for all the factors.
The linking value has to be looked at from three different angles to be judged totally: The amount your site is offering to the website linking back; the value that your site is offering their visitors; and the value that the additional traffic will bring to your website and business. Do You Read Best Article Writing Tips to Write an SEO Friendly Content?


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