How to save a draft on Instagram



Would you like to know how to save a draft on Instagram? Luckily, Instagram allows you to save drafts of your posts. It is a handy way to ensure you don’t lose your work, and it’s also a great way to take a break from writing and return to it later with fresh eyes.

In this article, we’ll show you how to save a draft on Instagram so you can return to it later.

About Instagram:

Anyone who makes an account has a profile and a news feed, similar to Facebook or Twitter. It appears on your Instagram profile whenever you upload multimedia to the social media platform.


You can see the posts of friends you follow in your feed. Similarly, they will be able to see posts from you, given that they have followed your Instagram is similar to a reduced version of Facebook, with a special focus on cellular usage and visual sharing as its primary features.

You can also connect with other users like you would on any other social network, including following them and allowing others to comment, tag, follow you, like, and send private messages. In addition, you can save the photographs you see on Instagram.

Compatible Devices:

For iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, Instagram followers are available for free. In addition to this, the app is also free to use on Android devices such as phones and tablets from Google, Samsung, and other manufacturers.

Additionally, Instagram can also be accessed through the internet at Users can only publish photographs and videos from their mobile devices. This means using mobile applications is the only way to share content with other users. 

This app lets you discover and share the best photographs and videos. The number of followers and followers a person has on their profile reflects the number of individuals they follow and the number of other users following them. 

If you wish to follow someone, click on their profile and select Follow from the drop-down menu. If a user’s profile is private, you can’t continue before they accept your follow request.

Also, do keep in mind that if your account settings are public, anybody may discover and access your profile and any images and videos you upload to your account

Change your profile settings to private only if you want others approved to view the posts you make. 

If you are under sixteen at the time of account creation, it will be set up as private by default. However, you can change it to the public after that if you wish.

In addition to this, interacting with other people’s posts is enjoyable and simple. Like any post by double-tapping it, and comment on any post by tapping the speech bubble. Instagram Direct allows you to share a post among other users by simply clicking the arrow button. 

You can also send direct messages to Facebook connections by utilizing the direct messaging feature, all thanks to an integration with Facebook Messenger. Now that we have discussed the app in detail let us understand how to save drafts on Instagram.

How to save a draft on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram mobile application.
  • A camera icon can be clicked to upload an existing video or photo.
  • Improve the aesthetics of your photo or video by applying effects.
  • In addition, you can include the text in your Instagram post if you choose to do so.
  • Press the back button on your device to use the Instagram draft function.
  • Select the “save draft” option.

How to access already saved drafts

To save drafts, follow the following steps.

  •  Open the application.
  •  Click on the camera button
  •  Look for the draft option on the left.
  •  Select the item you want to edit. The app will automatically load it.
  • Make any modifications to your already saved draft and publish your post if you want to

How to Discard Instagram Draft

  • Open the Instagram program on your phone.
  •  Select all from the drafts area, which can be found under the drafts section on the left side of the screen.
  •  To make changes, select the edit button from the toolbar.
  •  Select the drafts from the list of your saved drafts that you want to remove from your list of drafts.
  • Select the option to Discard Posts from the list from the drop-down menu.


There you have it. Now you know how to save a draft on Instagram. This can be useful if you want to post something but wait to do it.

Save it as a draft first so you don’t accidentally post it.




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