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Link Checker tools

What is a broken link or dead links, or Link Checker tools?

Links that link to non-existent web pages. The most common reasons that explain this phenomenon are: that an error was made when writing the destination URL, that it was moved to another address, or that it was closed. All advertising or outdated advertising formats tend to generate broken links by using Link Checker tools.


How can I Manage link building?


If, from its beginnings, there is a constant and widespread practice on the internet, it is to link a web page with others or what we have been getting to know in SEO as a link building.

This is not only a way to provide extra value and boost traffic, but also to improve web positioning by linking to other sites.

Far from disappearing, the quality SEO link building has greater relevance for Google. So it is necessary to follow a series of guidelines to optimize our weblink strategy.

But, what is link building in SEO? Why should it be one of the aspects that you should most care for and work with your website right now?

To answer these questions and talk more about the link building we have in this 63rd guest post with Carlos Suárez, who is an SEO consultant and a specialist in content marketing.

This post that Carlos has prepared for us is a great way to learn how to optimize your link strategies.


Link Checker tools

How to plan a successful SEO link-building strategy?

Creating a good SEO link-building strategy in a high percentage of online businesses becomes an essential point to be able to compete in traffic and positioning with the rest of the websites.

It is essential to follow some considerations when generating web links that point to the site where we are working on getting the best possible return to our campaign.

To understand why it benefits us that a web link, we will refer to the concept of authority.

The domain authority is one of the aspects that Google takes into account to assess a specific website. As is logical, the better a page is at the level of incoming links coming from consolidated sources and the same subject, the more authority it will have.

Although other factors also intervene like:

  • The level of the structure is generated.
  • The degree of optimization On page
  • How hard is the content marketing
  • When a website with authority links us, it is transmitting a part of its strength through that link.

It is what is known as link juice. Imagine the authority as the amount of liquid that contains a glass, where the glass would be the web page. When this page links to another, it will establish a connection in the form of a tube, through which part of that liquid reaches it, resulting in the authority of the latter growing.

One of the conclusions that often appears at this point is:

“Perfect, then I will not link to anybody, and I will look for links to my web; in this way, I will get to keep all the strength of others without giving anything to others.”
This is an erroneous approach since one of the points that Google takes into account is that links to other relevant pages, as long as you make it with sense. By linking to an authority website that is well-considered by Google, we are offering the user a reference to our content, and this will always be favorable.

Sources to measure the authority of a page

► Page Rank
Page Rank is a system created by Google to determine the power of a domain.

This metric offers value from 0 to 10 and is based primarily on inbound links that point to a domain. It was a key factor until 2013 when Google stopped updating it.

One of the main reasons to stop using this metric publicly was the difficulty on the part of Google to control incoming links of low quality that pointed to the webs, in addition to trying to combat the sale of links.

The appearance of the update of the Google algorithm “Penguin,” one of the main tools to penalize pages with toxic or unnatural incoming links, stopped giving meaning to the Page Rank.
It should be noted that a few years ago, the search for mass links was one of the main strategies for positioning a website on Google. However, the algorithm has evolved a lot in recent times and can detect a massive or non-natural linking activity.

Therefore, if you make the purchase of an expired domain with a certain age, it is essential to know if your website has been penalized in the past by practice of this type.

► Domain Authority and Page Authority
These are two metrics developed by the company MOZ, which evaluate the status of a Webby studying its incoming links, in addition to other references such as MozTrust and MOZRank.

Another 40 factors are also taken into account, according to the company. On a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100, a value is established for the exclusive domain (Domain Authority) or a given page (Page Authority).

This is one of the metrics most used today to know the relevance of a particular web.

The installation of the MozBar extension in our browser will be handy to know the PA and DA of our website or any other.


In the previous capture, you can see the PA (page authority) of the home of this blog, as well as the DA (domain authority) of the domain.

When it comes to getting a link to your website, in most cases, it will always be better to get it from a domain with a high DA and from a site page that receives a greater degree of internal linking and therefore, an elevated BP.

As a general rule, a link from the home of a web will be much more potent than from its internal pages.

► Url Rating and Domain Rating

It would be the equivalent to the values offered by Moz, but in this case, coming from the Ahrefs tool.

The ranking is classified according to the quality and the number of links pointing to your website.



Link Checker tools Tool

TaskToolCategoryTool TypeCost
Check for broken links on a pageCheck My LinksBroken Link CheckingBrowser ExtensionFree
Check for broken links on a pageLink Checker for FirefoxBroken Link CheckingBrowser ExtensionFree
Check for broken links on a pageXenu’s Link SleuthBroken Link CheckingDesktop AppFree
Check for broken links on a pageIntegrity by PeacockMediaBroken Link CheckingDesktop AppFree
Check for broken links on a page AND see if domains are available for purchaseDomain HunterBroken Link CheckingBrowser ExtensionFree
Manage link buildingRaven ToolsLink BuildingWebsitePaid
See what links your competitors are gettingOntolo’s Competitor Backlink ProspectsLink BuildingWebsitePaid
See what links your competitors are gettingMajestic’s Clique HunterLink BuildingWebsitePaid
Find domains that link to the Top 10 Google results for that keyword phrase entered into the toolRaven ToolsLink BuildingWebsitePaid
See if an email is legitimateMailTesterLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Full list of directoriesDirectory CriticLink BuildingWebsiteFree
A vetted list of directoriesMoz’s Web Directory ListLink BuildingWebsitePaid
Scrape links from files and directoriesCitation Labs’s Outbound ScraperLink BuildingWebsitePaid
Find link-building opportunities for guest posting, reviews, contests, resource pages, donations, etc.Ontolo’s Link ProspectsLink BuildingWebsitePaid
Find link-building opportunities for guest posting, reviews, contests, resource pages, donations, etc.Citation Lab’s Link ProspectorLink BuildingWebsitePaid
Blogger outreach dashboardblog dashLink BuildingWebsitePaid
Find guest blogging appsMyBlogGuestLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Get embed code for infographicsRichard Baxter’s Embed Code GeneratorLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Filter a list of links by keywords the URLs includeCitation Lab’s Link FilterLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Convert Google search results pages to a format you can easily copy – table, list of just the URLs, or list of HTML to copy active links on a webpageGoogle Results BookmarkletLink BuildingBookmarkletFree
Find email addresses for people, even if it’s not publicly availablePeepmailLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Find someone’s email addressLinksysLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Generate link building queriesOntolo’s Link Building Query GeneratorLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Scrub new prospect lists against sites you’ve reviewedOntolo’s Prospect FilterLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Review link building prospects by entering a list of URLs – they will automatically open in different browser tabsOntolo’s URL ReviewerLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Check a single metric across a list of competitor domains (PageRank, backlinks, linking root domains, etc.) or check all parameters for one competitorOntolo’s Competitor Back Link MonitorLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Remove duplicate URLs from the same field from a listOntolo’s Remove Duplicate HostnamesLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Remove URLs by hostname – e.g., all from Twitter, WordPress, etc.Ontolo’s Remove URLs by HostnameLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Get a list of unique hostnames from a URL listOntolo’s Extract Unique HostnameLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Get the number of unique hostnames or URLs in your URLs listOntolo’s Count URLs and HostnamesLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Find reporters you can interview withHelp a Reporter Out (HARO)Link BuildingEmail ListFree
Get a script that will make your photos embeddableText from DistilledLink BuildingMiscFree
Research backlinksOpen Site ExplorerBacklink ResearchWebsitePaid
Research backlinksMajestic SEO ToolsBacklink ResearchWebsitePaid
Research backlinksahrefsBacklink ResearchWebsiteFree
Submit your app or widget to a search engine for apps and widgetsChompLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Open up a list of URLs at one timeURL OpenerLink BuildingWebsiteFree
Research backlinksSEO EffectBacklink ResearchWebsitePaid
Research backlinks on a list of domains/URLsahrefs Batch CheckerBacklink ResearchWebsiteFree


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