Free and paid SEO Analysis Tool list

SEO Analysis

Most Powerful Free SEO Analysis tools Online for your website

For whom these SEO analysis tools for?

For anyone who is going to develop a website and wants to Check Your Website’s SEO Ranking: Free and paid Analysis Tool list in the best possible way in the search engines.
For anyone who is thinking about doing an SEO analysis of the current web to optimize and improve the positioning of it.
For anyone who is thinking about making a migration from their website.
For anyone who wants to learn all the SEO factors that affect the positioning of a website.

How to read this blog?

Whether you want to create a new website or if you’re going to do an SEO analysis of a website, we recommend that you read all the sections starting with the general factors and going to the elements by type of difficulty (basic, intermediate, and advanced).

By accessing each of the sections, you can understand each of the SEO factors to be considered, how to analyze it, and how to carry it out on your website.

Note: keep in mind that reading this blog may take a long time, and it is recommended that you read section by section and do not hesitate to ask your questions.

Check Your Website's SEO Ranking: Free and paid Analysis Tool list

Check Your Website’s SEO Ranking: Free and paid Analysis Tool list.

SEO is usually divided into two large blocks. SEO on-page and SEO off-page. SEO on-page is related to all those factors that search engines analyze within a web. Seo off page will take care of external factors.

Some of the SEO factors that will be seen in more detail throughout the blog are response times, content quality, SEO architecture, usability, title names, and many more.

Some Best tools to Check your SEO Analysis

TaskToolTool TypeCost
how Googlebot renders a siteGoogle’s Fetch and Render ToolWebsiteFree
Run a full crawl of a siteScreaming FrogDesktop AppPaid
Run a full crawl of a siteMoz Crawl TestWebsitePaid
Run a full crawl of a siteSite CondorWebsitePaid
(areas is large for Screaming Frog)DeepCrawlWebsitePaid
Excellent overview of SEO issuesSEO Site CheckupWebsiteFree
Excellent overview of the SEO issueIIS SEO ToolkitDesktop AppFree
Excellent overview of SEO issuesBig WebsitesWebsiteFree
Excellent overview of SEO issuesSite CondorWebsitePaid
Detect SERP volatilitySERPmetrics FluxWebsiteFree
View authority, rankingRaven Tools’ Research CentralWebsitePaid
View tags on a page (title, descr, anchors, Hx, image, alt text, etc.)MozbarBrowser ExtensionFree
Pull title tag & meta desc. for list of URLsBuzzStream ExtractorWebsiteFree
View PageRank for a pagePageRank extensionBrowser ExtensionFree
View canonical tagMozbarBrowser ExtensionFree
Show no-follow linksMozbarBrowser ExtensionFree
Comprehensive list of sitemap generatorsListWebsiteFree
Sitemap generatorScreaming FrogDesktop AppPaid
Check sitemap for errorsScreaming FrogDesktop AppPaid
Validate XML in sitemapsXML Sitemap ValidatorWebsiteFree
Generate HTML markup by filling out the form with company infoGeo Sitemap GeneratorWebsiteFree
Generate a KML file to submit to Google and Bing if you have multiple locationsGeo Sitemap GeneratorWebsiteFree
Validate RSS feedsW3C Feed Validation ServiceWebsiteFree
Submit sites to local enginesGet ListedWebsiteFree
Learn how to submit video sitemaps for each of the video-sharing sitesDistilled’s Video Sitemap GuideWebsiteFree
Find discrepancies in local citationsYextWebsiteFree
Rank checkerAuthority LabsWebsitePaid
Rank checkerMoz’s rank checkerWebsitePaid
Rank checkerSeoBook’s rank checkerBrowser ExtensionFree
Rank checkerAdvanced Web RankingWebsitePaid
Run ad-hoc checks on international SERPsSearch LatteWebsiteFree
Check the position of a list of sites given a keywordSEO SERP for ChromeBrowser ExtensionFree
Check HTTP status code on the flyMoz’s MozbarBrowser ExtensionFree
Check HTTP status codesURI ValetWebsiteFree
Check HTTP status codesServer Header Checker ToolWebsiteFree
View HTTP header infoLive HTTP Headers for FirefoxBrowser ExtensionFree
Bulk check HTTP status codesSeoTools Excel pluginExcel PluginFree
Bulk check HTTP status codesScreaming FrogDesktop AppPaid
Bulk check HTTP status codesSEO BookWebsiteFree
Get recommendations to reduce page load speedGoogle DevelopersWebsiteFree
Get recommendations to reduce page load speedGTmetrixWebsiteFree
Create videos that compare the site speed of different sitesWeb Page TestWebsiteFree
View page speed for web pages you visitGoogle Developers Page Speed ToolsBrowser ExtensionFree
View page speed, including the time it takes to download all external files on the siteGoogle Analytics > Traffic Sources > SocialWebsiteFree
Check robots.txtRobots.txt CheckerWebsiteFree
View a page as a search engine doesSEO BrowserWebsiteFree
Preview rich snippetsGoogle’s Rich Snippets Testing ToolWebsiteFree CreatorSchema.orgWebsiteFree Full documentationResourceFree
Rich Snippets TesterGWT Rich Snippet TesterWebsiteFree
Get markup with a cool visual tool by GoogleStructured Data Markup HelperWebsiteFree
Geo-Targeting InfoMozbar Geo-TargetingBrowser ExtensionFree
Logfile analysisCygwinDesktop AppFree
Logfile analysisAWStatsDesktop AppFree
Check to see if IP redirects to the domain (if not, it can create duplicate content issues)SEO Site CheckupWebsiteFree
Analyze the top 100 search results for your top keywords.Ontolo’s SERP DominatorWebsiteFree
Get a list of unique hostnames from a URL listOntolo’s Extract Unique HostnameWebsiteFree
Get dozens of critical metrics for top ranking sites by the keywords you choose to monitorOntolo’s Rank Landscape ReportsWebsitePaid
Receive graded on-page keyword targetingMoz’s On-Page Analysis ToolWebsitePaid
Change your user agent to see how a site renders for that agentMoz’s MozbarBrowser ExtensionFree
Bulk check header responses by comparing how the URL handles two different user agents (e.g., redirects for Googlebot only)Tom Anthony’s Bulk HTTP Header Response Checker & Comparison ToolWebsiteFree
Bulk check PageRank of domains and web pages through proxies to prevent being blockedScrape BoxDesktop AppPaid
See SEO stats for a web page, as well as how a search engine views the pageBROWSERWebsiteFree
Get real-time analytics for top-performing sites in a dozen categoriesSTAT Search AnalyticsWebsiteFree
Generate strategic content ideasRichard Baxter’s beastly Google DocWebsiteFree
Let the search engines know your blog has updated automaticallyPing-o-MaticWebsiteFree
Check search engine market shareChitikaWebsiteFree
Find correlations with significant updates, like Panda, Penguin, etc.Annie Cushing’s SEO Google CalendarWebsiteFree
Find correlations with Google updatesMoz’s Google Algorithm Change History TimelineWebsiteFree
Get videos transcribedSpeechpadWebsitePaid
See if page titles are too long by pixelsGoogle SERP Snippet Optimization ToolWebsiteFree
Check a site for cloakingSEO Cloaking Checker (Aaron Wall)WebsiteFree
Extract structured data from a siteSite CondorWebsitePaid
View the navigational structure of the site visuallySite CondorWebsitePaid
See if Google finds your site mobile friendlyGoogle Mobile-Friendly TestWebsiteFree
Generate hreflang tagsHreflang Tag GeneratorWebsiteFree
Test robots.txt before publishing itrobots.txt TesterWebsiteFree


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