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Types of Phishing

What Are The Examples of Types of Phishing?

Types of Phishing occur when a victim responds phishing to a fraudulent email that requires urgent action. Examples of actions requested in a phishing email include: Clicking on an attachment and enabling macros in a Word document.

What is whaling?

Whaling is a highly Type of Phishing targeted phishing attack, targeting high-ranking officials, disguised as legitimate email. Social engineering whaling is a digitally enabled fraud designed to encourage hunters to initiate a secondary step, such as transferring funds.

Why is it called phishing?

Some say that the word phishing is influenced by the word phishing. Like fishing, phishing is a strategy to “fish” users out of the “sea” for usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information. Hackers often use the letter “ph” instead of “f,” which is why they were initially known as phreaks.

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