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Types of Phishing Attacks

What are Types of Phishing Attacks?

This is especially true today as Types of Phishing Attacks are evolving in sophistication and proliferation. While the goal of any phishing scam is always to steal personal information, there are different types of phishing that you should be aware of. 1. Email phishing.

What is an email phishing attack?

This type of phishing uses email but with a specific focus. Attackers use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to collect information about a particular company through social media or the company’s website.

What brands are often used by phishing attackers?

The brands most used by attackers in Types of Phishing Attacks messages are Microsoft, DHL and ApplePhishing Attacks. Phishing Attacks Here are two examples of recent phishing attacks that Checkpoint researchers have discovered. In August 2020, attackers sent phishing emails to steal Microsoft account credentials.

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