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Can You Live in Your Investment Property

“Can You Live in Your Investment Property” is the potential legal, financial, and practical considerations of residing in a property you’ve purchased primarily for investment purposes. This involves examining local laws, tax implications, rental income, and your investment strategy to determine if living in the property aligns with your goals and circumstances.

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The Short Answer

The short answer is yes or no: you can live in your investment property. No law prevents property owners from living in their own investment properties. However, there are several considerations to consider before making this decision.

Property Type

Property Type

The type of investment property you own can significantly impact your ability to live in it. If you own a single-family home, duplex, or multi-unit property, living in one of the units is relatively straightforward while renting out the others.

On the other hand, if you own a commercial property or a vacation rental, living in it may be more feasible and practical.


How you financed the purchase of your investment property is essential. If you obtained a traditional mortgage to rent the property, your mortgage agreement may include clauses prohibiting living there.

In such circumstances, you should talk to your lender or review your mortgage agreement to understand the restrictions and any consequences for breaking them.

Tax Implications

Living in your investment property can have tax implications. If you make it your primary residence, you may be eligible for tax breaks such as the homestead exemption or capital gains exclusions. However, you may lose some tax benefits of owning an investment property, such as depreciation deductions.

Local Regulations

Local zoning and housing regulations can vary significantly from one area to another. Some cities and municipalities have severe restrictions limiting who can reside in investment properties and how long.

Researching and understanding these regulations before deciding to live in your investment property is essential.

Rental Agreements

If you have existing tenants in your investment property, living in it may require modifying their residing in rental agreements or waiting for their leases to expire. You should also consider the impact on your rental income if you live in the property while tenants are present.

Maintenance and Repairs

Living in your investment property means you will be responsible for its maintenance and repairs, just like any homeowner. This can be beneficial if you’re hands-on and want to ensure the property’s upkeep, but it also implies additional obligations and costs.

Living in Your Investment Property for 6 Months:

Living in your investment property for six months can be a strategic move to reap certain tax benefits and enjoy your investment firsthand. However, considering the legal and financial implications, such as potential impacts on residing rental income and capital gains tax, is essential.

How Long Can You Live in Your Investment Property:

The duration you can live in your investment property often depends on various factors, including local regulations, mortgage agreements, and overall financial strategy. Research these factors and consult professionals for guidance on how long you can reside in your investment property.

Can I Live in My Investment Property Australia:

In Australia, you can live in your investment property, but it’s crucial to understand the relevant laws and regulations, such as tax implications, rental agreements, and zoning rules. Seek advice from experts to navigate the specific Australian real estate landscape.

The Steps in Making the Switch from Investment Property to a PPOR (Principal Place of Residence)

Transitioning your investment property into your primary residence involves several steps, including reviewing your financing, updating rental agreements, complying with tax regulations, and ensuring the property meets your residential needs.

A real estate professional can assist you in navigating this procedure.

Pros and Cons of Moving Back into Your Investment Property


> Potential tax benefits as your primary residence.

> Direct control over property maintenance.

> Reduced commuting if the property location suits your lifestyle.


> Potential loss of rental income.

> Capital gains tax implications when selling.

> Limited diversification if you own only one property.

Capital Gains Tax:

Capital gains tax is a tax on the profit from selling an investment property or asset. When you move back into your investment property, you could have to pay capital gains tax if you decide to sell it. A tax specialist can assist you in navigating this difficult tax.

Can I Move Back Into My Investment Property to Renovate?

Yes, you can move back into your investment property for renovation purposes. Renovating while living in the property allows you to oversee the project more closely and increase its value. However, consider the impact on your lifestyle, budget, and rental income during the renovation process.


You can live in your investment property, but it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Before making such a choice, consider the property type, financing, tax implications, local regulations, rental agreements, and maintenance responsibilities.

It is best to seek the advice of legal and financial professionals who can provide advice tailored to your situation.


Can I Live in My Own Rental Property UK?

Yes, you can live in your rental property in the UK, but you need to follow the terms of any existing rental agreements and consider tax implications.

Can I Buy My Parents’ House and Let Them Live in It Rent-Free UK?

You can buy your parents’ house and let them live in it rent-free in the UK. However, there may be tax and legal implications to consider.

Can You Own an Apartment in the UK?

Yes, you can own an apartment in the UK. Apartments are a common type of property ownership.

Is Owning a House Better Than Renting in The UK?

Whether it is better to own a home or rent one depends on personal circumstances and choices, such as financial stability and long-term aspirations.

Can I Make My Rental Property Your Primary Residence UK?

Yes, you can make your rental property your primary residence in the UK, but this may affect your tax status and require legal considerations.

What Age Can You Legally Rent a House in the UK?

There is no specific age requirement to rent a house in the UK, but you must be considered legally competent, usually 18 or older.

How Long Can a Tenant Have Guests Stay in the UK?

The duration of guest stays in a rental property in the UK is typically determined by the terms of the lease or rental agreement.

At What Age Can You Pay Rent to a Property UK?

You can pay rent to a property in the UK once you reach the age of legal competence, typically 18 or older.

Can Parents Kick You Out If You Pay Rent UK?

Generally, if you pay rent to your parents and have a rental agreement, they cannot arbitrarily evict you. However, legal and financial considerations may apply.

What is The Average Age of Landlords UK?

The average age of landlords in the UK varies, but many landlords are between their 40s and 60s.

Who is Eligible to Rent in The UK?

Eligibility to rent in the UK depends on age, legal status, and income. Typically, individuals over 18 with the legal right to reside in the UK can rent property.

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