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Top Mobile trends of latest world: The technology consultancy Bluumi specialized in Mobile Digital Transformation has presented a report with the innovative trends that will mark the APPs in 2018 thanks to the new technologies of the latest smartphones presented in the market.

One of the top mobile trends of latest world is the arrival of terminals such as the iPhone X or Galaxy S9 will mark the updates of APPs during this first quarter of the year. Bluumi recalls that Apple has already announced the obligation to adopt the designs of APPs to the screen of its latest smartphone model, which represents a declaration of intentions for the development of mobile applications during 2018.

Top Mobile trends of latest world

Estanislao Asián, Operations Director of Bluumi explains, “Without a doubt, the arrival of new technologies, more accessible to the user and for developers, such as augmented reality, cashless payment, biometrics or conversational messages will be the protagonists in terms of the experience of the user during 2018. But it will not be more than the beginning of a new way of interacting with the user and the company’s APPs “.

More and more companies are looking for a way to connect with the end customer. According to Bluumi, companies with an effective APP to manage up to 15% more thanks to these channels.

Top TRENDS of mobile in 2k18

Simplification of the User Journey: The User Journey is the experience of the user using the company’s mobile application. Every interaction we make as a user of the APP itself. The less effort we spend in achieving this goal, the better the experience will be. According to Bluumi, users do not like to give more than 3 touches to reach their goal within an APP.

Using Gestures in APP + animation or n: “Now we will have to get used to devices without these buttons Either Apple or any other model tee nancy points to end without buttons leading to another level using gestures for application development m oval s “explains Estanislao Asián.

Experience focused on content: With the use and development of mobile applications, in 2018 the content will become more important than ever. A quality content designed by and for the user.

Full-screen Experiences: The arrival of terminals such Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X and other popular models such as Huawei or Xaomi full screen have a change in the design of the APP and a clear trend throughout this year and the next ones.

Vivid colors: Screens like OLEDs make the color game transmit to the whole user experience. Color is one of the most powerful tools in the toolkit in the development of mobile applications

Emotional experiences: “In application development mobile for this 2018, increasingly becomes more emotional intelligence force in the AP Q. The use of emoticons is proof of this trend m ever going to the rise.” Users know how to express emotions through technology, but it seems impossible, “explains Operations Director Bluumi.

Use of video: In 2017 already marked a great trend but this year will settle under very clear guidelines: adapt it to a short interval of time, the use of video in vertical format and not horizontal, 360 degrees videos, streaming etc.

New security systems in smartphones: According to Bluumi, in 2018, biometrics will be more accessible and we will see a greater use of biometrics for authentication and identity management purposes.

Conversational Design No: A strong trend in mobile application development 2018 will be everything related to conversations between user and APP. “This year we will see how voice assistants and chatbots triumph. It is a new way of interacting,” they say from Bluumi

Advanced customization: The APP will allow you to adapt according to the needs of the user: if you have vision problems or have astigmatism, or show information according to the place where you are in real time etc.

Augmented Reality: Whether it’s entertainment or solving problems on a day-to-day basis. During 2018 we will see the most useful APP based on AR thanks to the democratization of the development of this technology that is not new but has been simplified in use and creation of APP.

Cashless Payments: Cashless payment is fast becoming a new standard for many users. This could change the current concept we have of daily trade. In 2018 another one of the trends of the shops will be the acceptance of little payment systems Apple Pay or Android Pay in terms of predetermined options and not only in online businesses.


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