Optimize For Google Search Results or Search engine optimization has become the top requirement when it comes to web development and management. In fact, SEO and Google (a search engine) gave way to a lot of opportunities online such as jobs as well as companies due to the demand and the intricacies of the craft. However, it only requires a couple of processes to start effectively Optimize For Google Search Results. And these processes are as easy as ABC. 


Why do Google SEO?

Let’s start with the basics. The reason behind why people are all into search engine optimization is to put their websites or blogs on the first page or perhaps on top of SERP’s or search engine result pages. Top Google results pages can be considered as what most people are working to be in.
Why do people want it to be on top? Well, here’s the deal: most search engine users enter a search and will most likely browse the first page and the second page of the results. So, the others located further than the 1st and 2nd pages wouldn’t get that much traffic than those at the first ones. This is the essence Optimize For Google Search Results optimization.

Google Search Optimization

Optimization depends on a couple of aspects that requires proper research as well as proper execution. Most of these are basics in terms of search engine optimization but are the things that would most likely affect a website’s Google results from visibility.

• Keyword Optimization – Keywords are the epitome of search engine optimization. In fact, these keywords are the thing that drives people from the search engines to the most relevant blogs and websites on the internet. So, the use of the proper keywords is crucial in Optimize For Google Search Results. The use of long tail keywords or the more specific keyword phrases is among the ways to make this even more effective.

• On-Page Optimization
 – the overall “look” and “feel” of the website. It concerns everything from the design, content, tags, usability, URL structure, keywords and much more.  This is actually the breeding ground of most SEO strategies.

• Off-Page Optimization – this is the optimization efforts or activity done outside the website or other places on the internet. Usually, this is focused on building links towards a particular website.

• Content Optimization – This is focused on making a website’s content more viable for search engines. This is also focused on relevant and appropriate keywords and key phrases. Usually, these are images, articles, videos and many other types of content. Optimization takes place in the content’s titles, descriptions, body, and tags. Content is an important aspect when it comes to Optimize For Google Search Results.

• Regular Updates and Posts – regularly publishing content material on a website makes it easier to be indexed in Google’s database. In fact, new posts with proper optimization efforts create a bigger opportunity for websites to gain a high position in the SERP’s.
Google plays a bigger role in search engine optimization. This is why most web owners and developers are concentrating on their website’s presence and competitiveness with regards Google search results in optimization.


How to Attract Authority Links

Link building is a vital part  of search engine optimization. Without links, then a website won’t get far in terms of success. Links are undoubtedly one of the most important things for a website. However, out of all other types of links on the internet, there is one that has a bigger impact on a website than the other types. Those links are authority links.


What are these links? 
Authority links are links made from high ranking, high-reputation, popular websites towards a particular website. Authority sites included educational institutions, government websites, ultra-popular blogs, large company websites and the likes.
Honestly, many people are getting a hard time getting this kind of links and it is just normal. So, most people are actually doing double efforts to acquire these links in one way or another.
There is, by far, no reason why people should not get these links to their blogs or websites. These links are actually considered as the diamonds in link building. They are precious and hard to get.
But there are several ways how people can increase the chance of acquiring or even just attracting authority links to their websites.

Create Intriguing Content

Aside from making an excellent and well-made content, the intrigue factor of content is still a crucial aspect.
A website’s content should be able to attract the authority sites’ attentions enough to drive them of linking to that website. Doing a review or perhaps creating a content about a particular authority site that will strike a hot conversation among many users will definitely create a massive impact.

Be a Guest Blogger/Writer

This is rather a good tactic to utilize. Looking for a popular blog or website to submit a guest post in is the next step. Of course, after creating that guest post, the guest writer will have the full freedom of including inbound links in the content. This is simple yet an effective way to get a taste of authority links.

Be Present Everywhere 

Being present in places where targeted audience is lurking is a good tactic as well. It is like mine planning where to mine the gold. Popular forums and social media websites are good places to look into. Getting authority links from reputable and popular personalities on Twitter is also a great achievement.
Being vigilant is important when it comes to link building. Being able to locate where in the ocean most of the fish is staying is a golden skill for fishermen. Same goes with link builders.

Be a Help to Others

What would a website do if someone posted something good about them or perhaps posted a tutorial about their service or product? Of course, by all means, that website will link to that Good Samaritan’s website.
This is what “Be a Help to Others” mean. Contact a particular website and ask how you can be of service. Help them and you get your precious authority links.
Attracting authority links is a no brainer if you know what to do. With a little bit of creativity and some persistence, authority links are not far from reach.

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We are all amazed at how Instagram continuously grows over the years. As a photo-sharing tool with instant filters, Instagram has become a craze among users of smart phones either running on iOS or Android. And recently, it has formed the web version where users can view, like and comment on photos online. Because of this, the audience has expanded and its reach can even be more phenomenal. In this article, we will be talking about how to increase your blog’s traffic by instagram optimization.

5 Ways to Optimize Instagram

1. Post Regularly

Just as you should publish regular posts in your blog to attract website crawlers, you should stay active in posting photos in Instagram regularly. Instagram photos are viewed in a linear stream. So when your followers did not get a chance to be online in an hour, their photo streams will be too loaded with pictures leaving your way at the bottom.
If they are not the type who scrolls down to make sure they have not missed a picture, you can be safe. However, not many people are too dedicated to doing backtracking. So as often as you can, upload as many high-quality photos as you can with time intervals.

2. Use Hash Tags
Incorporating the hash tag feature in Twitter, Instagram uses hash tags as well for trending keywords. Hash tags make your entries more exposed out in public. A non-follower can become a follower if he happens to search a particular keyword that you posted with a hash tag and gain interest in your pictures. Your ultimate aim is to bring followers to your website, after increasing the number of likes and follows.
As a tip, use related keywords from your blog to your Instagram posts. Another is to tap the potential of Webstagram. There you can find out the top trending tags that may be relevant to your photos. If you have not been doing this practice before, add the hash tags in the comments section. They will bring as much potential traffic as when posted as part of the original image.
3. Turn On the Geo-location Toggle
Instagram has a feature where you can add a location to your shared images. For instance, when the photo is taken in your store, add the exact location of your store by appending the city with your business name. By doing this every time, you are creating a photo map to attract more viewers. The Geo-location feature opens up your blog and brand to more opportunities of creating campaigns that stir up engagement and visual buzz.
4. Implement an Online Content thru Instagram
People love joining contests to win freebies and giveaways. So you are so to win traffic in return. To start with, share the mechanics of the promotional contest in your blog. Upload a creative poster in Instagram and place the link of your blog in the caption section. Let your followers acknowledge their participation by liking your photo and also by leaving a comment on your blog post. Include hashtags in your posts to let the campaign out to more prospect fans. Announce that names of winners will be posted on your website. This is to get more people to visit your site.
5. Post Attractive Photos
Content is king not only in blog posts but also on Instagram. And when we say content, in Instagram, this means pictures! Make sure you don’t post bland photos. Opt to share ones that will spark visual interest so much that people will start talking about it and commenting on it. If you get many likes within a short time frame, your photo can even be posted on the popular page. For sure this time, people will be drawn to your pictures and profile. They will want to see more than what they found on your Instagram and go to your website next.
Instagram is no doubt a great application as part of your brand marketing mix. By optimizing your Instagram photos and content, you can stand out in the blogging community. Keep all these suggestions in mind and make your followers’ eyes drawn over to your website.

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Titling an article for SEO

Some may think that, with the title we are going back to the basics. But you are right, we are. For both the recent entrants into the SEO world and long-time habitats, the importance of having compelling Article for SEO friendly titles for articles, can’t be underestimated. But, most of us are yet to master the fine art of creating compelling titles for our items that will sit well with our readers and Google’s crawlers.
Let’s begin understanding the importance of establishing an effective title for articles that is compelling, keyword infused, relevant to the article and appeals to the readers. Titles are the first points of conversion where a casual browser gets converted into an authentic user. Even if you have created an excellent article that will strike a chord with your readers, your story may not find any takers if you don’t create an equally impressive title for your article. Here are few tips and tricks on titling an article for SEO.

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Metrics Matter for SEO

Regular monthly reviewing of the metrics regarding your social media pages and SEO efforts can provide you with a practical insight of what you need to work on and what the current results are. Different kinds of metrics can give you the details you are looking for, but most people don’t have enough time to review all of them, so they focus only on those that matter. In this article, we will discuss the most important metrics, so you can focus on them instead of wasting your time on the ones that are not that relevant. and Really Some Metrics Matter for SEO and social media.

Parameters of Search Engine Optimization

The percentage of traffic that search engines generate to your site is the first metric you always need to review. This way, you will acknowledge which search engines are most efficient, and you will start understanding which search engine you should focus. If you notice the significant decrease in your traffic generated through Google, you should realize that something went wrong, so you need to work on identifying the reason for the problem and fixing it as soon as possible.

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Nobody in the SEO field would dispute that link building isn’t strategic. In fact, Tactful link building has an important role to play in creating a sound SEO strategy Tactful Link Building. Search engines like Google prefer ranking credible websites that provide relevant information to the users.

Search engines use the total number of internal links directing to a website as one potential way to decide credibility. From the perspective of search engines, a website having 100 inbound links is more reliable than a website having ten inbound links. Business proprietors and online marketers build relationships as a means to have a better ranking for their website on the search engine result page. Once you know Tactful Link Building  the proper link-building strategies, you’ll be able to get a better rank for your website, thereby drawing more visitors to your site.

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Building Quality Backlinks with Legitimate SEO is Buzzword nowadays

SEO is more than the mere manipulation of words. It is about using an intelligent combination of words to create great writing for your business or website, so as to attract high rankings in searches and ensure that you stay on top. Part of building reputed SEO involves creating quality backlinks.

Backlinks are essential to direct clients to your site and to build better popularity for the keywords that you employ. It takes a little bit of practice to get it right, but once done, backlinks are an invaluable asset to further your business interests. You can do this in many ways- approaching article submission sites is a good idea.
Ensure your story has a good quality link that offers loads of information to the reader. Having such unique writing will undoubtedly enhance the value of your site even more.

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Techniques of Marketing Driven SEO

It is high time we move away from mundane SEO techniques to Marketing Driven SEO that target only more top ranks. There are no business benefits to a business owner if the site ranks high, but does not make any profit.
If the traffic that visits the site does not make buying decisions and the transactions are almost zero, then you should rethink your SEO efforts. That means that your SEO is not targeted right and has to be driven by a marketing strategy.

Understanding your market and the competition is essential for focused SEO.

Insights into your Market Whenever you do a market analysis for identifying the relevance of selling a product in a particular market, there are three questions you need to ask yourself.
• Is there a demand for your product?
• Are there enough search volumes to drive profit?
• Are you targeting the right buying process?

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