What Kind of Metrics Matter for SEO and Social Media

Metrics Matter for SEO

Regular monthly reviewing of the metrics regarding your social media pages and SEO efforts can provide you with a practical insight of what you need to work on and what the current results are. Different kinds of metrics can give you the details you are looking for, but most people don’t have enough time to review all of them, so they focus only on those that matter. In this article, we will discuss the most important metrics, so you can focus on them instead of wasting your time on the ones that are not that relevant. and Really Some Metrics Matter for SEO and social media.

Parameters of Search Engine Optimization

The percentage of traffic that search engines generate to your site is the first metric you always need to review. This way, you will acknowledge which search engines are most efficient, and you will start understanding which search engine you should focus. If you notice the significant decrease in your traffic generated through Google, you should realize that something went wrong, so you need to work on identifying the reason for the problem and fixing it as soon as possible.

The next thing you should check is the phrases and keywords that bring traffic towards your site. This information is crucial to your website’s success because it will not only tell you which keywords are successful, but it will also inform you on the new trends associated with the interests of your target group. The research of keywords is an imperative aspect of SEO that should never neglect.

Another metric you should check each month is your link profile. The total number of backlinks, the links that have been removed or have gone wrong, and the new domains that are related – all of this information provides important insight into your website’s success. Building a quality link profile will help you attract more traffic to your site, and it will also improve your rank. These are the most valid reasons to keep an eye on your link profile and focus on your link building campaign.

Another major search Engine Optimization metric is the website speed. You need to get a right hosting provider for your site, so you will increase its speed, thus attracting more traffic towards it. Besides these most important SEO metrics that you should review on the regular basis, many others can be substantial for your website, so don’t limit yourself only to these if you need more information about the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Some Key Metrics Matter for SEO and Social Media

The first social media reports that usually view on the monthly basis are the channel reports, which let you know the exact number of visitors that came to your site through different social media. That is valuable information that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of each social media, so you will know which aspects require more effort. Many social media websites carry an enormous potential, but you cannot find the time to focus on all of them. That is why you should use these metrics so you can invest your effort where it pays out.

The next important social media metric is ROI data, which provides you with information about the number of people that became your customers after coming to your site via social media. This figure will compare to the amount of money you invest in marketing your business on social media sites, so you will get a clear insight of whether your social media marketing is effective or not. If you figure out that you have been spending most of your marketing budget on a site that is less efficient than another, then you should shift your strategy and allocate your budget towards the more useful site. The ROI data metric should never skip.

The response rates to customers are also imperative to review each month. If people are trying to interact with your business through social media sites but they don’t get any response, you should start changing something immediately because you are not making your customers happy. You need to have high response rates to their clients to keep them satisfied.

If you are searching metrics to measure your marketing effectiveness, you can find plenty of such tools that can help you check all aspects of your social media campaign. However, the metrics mentioned above are the ones that should never neglect if you want your online business to head in the right direction. Social media sites are becoming increasingly popular by the day, so your business will fall behind the competition if you don’t review your metrics every month and use that information to improve your ranks.

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