Marketing Driven SEO – Tips and Advantages

Techniques of Marketing Driven SEO

It is high time we move away from mundane SEO techniques to Marketing Driven SEO that target only more top ranks. There are no business benefits to a business owner if the site ranks high, but does not make any profit.
If the traffic that visits the site does not make buying decisions and the transactions are almost zero, then you should rethink your SEO efforts. That means that your SEO is not targeted right and has to be driven by a marketing strategy.

Understanding your market and the competition is essential for focused SEO.

Insights into your Market Whenever you do a market analysis for identifying the relevance of selling a product in a particular market, there are three questions you need to ask yourself.
• Is there a demand for your product?
• Are there enough search volumes to drive profit?
• Are you targeting the right buying process?

For instance, if your product is ‘SEO tips for a site’, then people will not be interested in buying your product, even if the tips are good. The reason is tips are available for free on the Web. It is important to know whether the product you sell has a price value and demand. You should have a business site that is commercially viable and a service or product that makes business sense to a customer. Now, mining keywords for the product based on the keywords that drive demand will complete the need for a good keyword strategy.
Competitive Analysis to get SEO Right on Target

Do a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for not only your business but also for the competitors in your market. When you identify opportunities that your opponent has missed out in your segment, you can work on them. For instance, if your business caters to travelers and there is an increasing trend of people traveling alone, then catch on the trend.

Many SEO specialists focus only on organic search. It is sometimes useful to have Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns to run alongside your Organic search SEO efforts.

The niche that has been deciding upon can be tested with a PPC campaign. If the niche is new, then you would get clicks that would convert to transactions. AD testing pages, using Google Optimizer under content Experiments is a good option. It lets you test against, a new set of content with a modified set of keywords. You can utilize the keywords that are most beneficial when you refer to the product on your website.

Tips for Good Marketing Driven SEO

• Focus on content, write what is relevant and demand-driven.
• Good navigation and a Google sitemap are a must have.
• Submission in Directories and press releases with back links are good SEO strategy.
• Update content on your website and Social Media pages on a daily basis.
• Be a guest blogger on top sites in your marketing niche.
It is necessary to be thriving monetarily, to render meaning to the time and efforts you spend on making your site SEO friendly. Good SEO should also make real money. The usual pattern in SEO is to find the appropriate keyword set and optimizing the site for the keywords. There is the lot more to it than just this. Make your SEO strategy, Marketing- Friendly.

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