Use Title and Description Tag to Increase Web Traffic to Your Blog

Website tags hold prime importance to increase web traffic and you should realize how to use them to their full potential to have maximum benefit. Let’s find out how to optimize these tags to have maximum benefit in increasing traffic to your website. As you know, keywords are extremely important when it comes to search engine traffic.

What do we mean by keywords? Well, these are the words searched by the users on search engines. For example, assume you want to brush up your English language skills, how would you go about it on the search engines? The words which immediately come to our mind are “how to learn English”, “learn English online”, “learn English free”, “learn English fast” etc.

Increase Web Traffic

Increase Web Traffic to Your Blog

Go find out the monthly search volume for these words. You can see that these terms have been searched millions of times every month on these search engines. Therefore a particular search phrase becomes an important keyword if so many people search for the same term. You can verify this on Google.

Go to Google and type “learn” and you can see that Google has provided so many options in drop-down list relating to the word “learn” and when you type further to “learn English” you can see that Google is providing more variety suggestions for the term “learn English”.

That means this Google keeps a tab on most searched word phrases and it is important to target these keywords to increase web traffic. Therefore, you need to find out the top selling keywords for your niche and target these keywords on your website to increase website traffic.

Assume you have a website to learn English. You need to get a keyword tracking tool and find out all the major keywords which are relevant to the basic keyword “learn English”. Now it’s time to have these keywords on your website to increase your search engine rankings.

Where to place these keywords so that the search engines will be intimated that your website is relevant to that particular keyword? As you can see, there is a fierce competition going on to keep one’s website indexed on top of the search results.

It is important to have your keyword appear on the first page itself if you want this to happen since increasing web traffic is your main concern. Yes, appearing on the first page is not an easy task you will have to make use of so many search engine strategies to come up with that amazing feet.

Well, of course, Google especially gives importance if you have the keyword present in your content. Google or any other search engines will be glad to send more traffic if they find out that your content has the keyword appearing enough number of times.

However, one thing should be remembered that Google doesn’t give license to stuff your content with keywords alone as it will surely backfire. So, having these keywords present in the title tag and description tag will help the search engines to realize that your content deserves to be on the first page itself.

Therefore, be smart and try to have the keywords in the title and description tag to increase the relevance of your web page for a particular keyword. Increased web traffic is every webmaster’s dream and they should work hard for this dream to be a reality.

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