The New Face of Inbound Marketing – How SEO is Changing

Inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is an approach focused on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful — not an interruption. With inbound marketing strategy, potential customers find you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.

Inbound marketing strategy



The way in
which search engine optimization is implemented is changing and progressing.
This is something which was to be expected. After all, technology itself is
moving at a rapid pace. Moreover, when an idea starts off it has to grow and
flourish to reach its full potential – which is exactly what is happening with
SEO at the moment. So, how is this marketing tool changing?


Guest blogging

Guest blogging has soared as of late – it creates a
natural and innovative link. However, in the past, this was more centered to
either fake blogs and paid blogs as this achieved the desired rankings. Guest
blogging is something which is assured to get more and more popular throughout

the rise of social media

Social media is very much at the core of
many internet marketing campaigns. It goes hand in hand with search engine
optimization. Facebook and Twitter are considered to be two of the most
important channels for implementing this strategy and utilizing for marketing
purposes. We will see the rise of other social networking websites as well over
the next year or so. This is something which develops as social media develops.
If you think about it, when search engine optimizing first came on the scene it
was very much centered to posting on directories with the likes of Digg and
StumbleUpon also receiving some attention as well.

Different devices need to be

Because of the rise of devices such as the
tablet and more importantly the smartphone, search engine optimization has to
be considered for various different gadgets. Mobile internet has excelled as of
late and search engine’s display different results on a mobile compared to a
computer, thus a business needs to ensure they are catered to all internet

Keyword density scaled down

In the past copywriters were concerned with
hitting a relatively high keyword density. Nowadays, a target keyword density is
rare, as individuals are very wary of their content being flagged as spam.
Moreover, individuals are more concerned with looking for keywords which
positively affect their conversion rate rather than the keywords which attract
the biggest volume.

Design and SEO have become

Design and search engine optimizing methods now
go hand in hand. A bad design can have a negative impact on SEO. A website
needs to be easy to use otherwise your bounce rate is assured to be high. In
the past, the marketing tools used to be implemented first and then the design
was made to incorporate this. However, they are now considered as a whole.

Not just text

Search engine optimization is not
merely centered on the text; there are different content types which are
incorporated into this strategy, such as videos and infographics. These arrays
of different content types make the strategy a better-rounded proposition and
are assured to affect more individuals.

Dual purposes press releases

Press releases retain the heavy news slant and
content packed stance that they always have traditionally with the
incorporation of keywords, and sometimes links work if necessary and if they
enhance the news being revealed. When SEO first came on the scene many were
creating press releases merely to pack them with links, this doesn’t work

As you can see; the procedure of search engine
optimizing is something which has changed, is changing and will continue to
change over the years. You need to stay in the know in order to ensure you are
implementing the method optimally.

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