How to Avoid Website Blunders

What is website Website Blundering? It is very important to understand the benefits of avoiding website blunders or the so-called website mistakes.
A website is a very important communication tool that presents information about your company and thus when coming up with one, you need to be utterly careful.

Web sites are used as marketing tools for businesses by connecting clients to the company, target audience as well as finding out what other competitors are up to.

This is why the design should be carefully thought through and has been noted to boost sales significantly.

Although you can just decide to come up with a crappy looking website and hope that it will perform as required, the required professionalism on the same is vital. Corporate websites are very different from personal websites and mostly the design is accompanied by objectives.

Let us look at some of the popular website mistakes that business people tend to do and how to avoid them.

website blunder

The first mistake could be lack of integrating the third party
There are many websites that mostly don’t consider third parties as website blunders (cause of website blundering).

Basically, they end up telling more about the business rather than considering the most important party of all, the customer. Again, they also leave out important details about what the company is all about, who owns the company and so on.

Generally, things like pictures, profile information and other important material like videos are very important. In many cases, some companies tend to consider the name and logo for their websites leaving out important content.

Such sites may never find business since what other companies are looking for is the connection. Understand that every customer needs to engage live with the person who runs the business, each of their questions needs to be answered, and thus this is the only way they can get going.

Generally, things like pictures, profile information and other important material like videos are very important. In many cases, some companies tend to consider the name and logo for their websites leaving out important content.

Such sites may never find business since what other companies are looking for is the connection. Understand that every customer needs to engage live with the person who runs the business, each of their questions needs to be answered, and thus this is the only way they can get going.

Understand that every customer needs to engage live with the person who runs the business, each of their questions needs to be answered, and thus this is the only way they can get going.

The second mistake could be a lot of stuff that causes confusion
Since we are looking at some of the website blunders, clutter and confusion can be said to be connected as one of the mistakes.

It is important to format and simplify your website for ease of access. Avoid a lot of text and all the flashing images that confuse the reader making them close off the page instantly.

Well, crafted sites not only attract readers but also keep them glued for more content.

The only way to handle this problem is by focusing on one item that you want them to concentrate on and place it at the front and somewhere at the center of the page.

The third mistake could be associated with email addresses
When you establish regular customers, you avoid website blunders (website blundering) associated with emailing; it would be easy for you to sell to them, unlike new clients whom you have never heard of.

Make sure that your website is customized to capture email addresses so that sending newsletters and product information to those people would be easy.

This is also necessary when you plan on following up with those emails.

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SEO mistakes can lead to complex situations where your site may never be found. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is used to help your site act as a landing page when interested persons search for products and services related to what you offer. Generally, a well-crafted content to suit your approach towards making your page a landing page thus improving viewership and traffic in general means that all SEO techniques were applied.

How to avoid seo mistakes
Avoiding SEO mistakes, in this case is not only an alternative but a fact if you want your online marketing endeavors to perform well. Worst SEO mistakes are those that would hinder the ideal resort of SEO towards use and application. Note good SEO means increased traffic to your site, which means increased returns to your business as people learn more about your products and services. If your intention is to sell, you will have to focus on phrases that will help you sell more, however, did you know that performance of SEO is reflected by keywords, how they are fixed in the content as well as whether that content will make any sense to the readers? You cannot just take the advantage of SEO to boost traffic to your site by scheming through and fixing keywords anyhow. This is why you need to avoid SEO mistakes at whatever cost, and the best way does so is by the following:
Think of what people would be searching for when buying
When buyers are looking for products, they have no time to search through companies offering those products as there are dozens, what happens to be that the buyer types certain keywords about those products like ‘pancakes’ or ‘pizza’ or any other product followed by terms like the best, cheap meaning your keywords must also reflect such. The placement of those keywords in the content is also necessary. Other SEO mistakes can be reflected in the use of generic phrases. The idea of making the keyword phrase three words or longer has been taken into account. You can start by skipping generic phrases to make the keyword better.

Use Google’s Keyword suggestion tool

SEO mistakes can also be avoided by making use of the Google’s keyword suggestion tool; this is a special tool that provides a provision on the appropriate keywords that fit in your content. For instance, there are keywords that could mean the same but yet again be written differently. For instance, is there any difference between auto insurance and car insurance? What about soda or pop? At this point, you can either use both in a way or use the most popular term on the same.

You are not the only person who knows SEO

You have to know that you aren’t the only person on the planet using SEO. As a matter of fact, this part of other common SEO mistakes that people don’t look into thus end up drafting shoddy content. Know who leads with the keywords you want, the nature of their site so that you can take a different angle.

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Why should you be linking back to a website or conversely, why should anyone link to you? Without any linking value accruing to either you or the other person, this linking back or backlinks will not be entertained. People link to a website to share the popularity already attained by the website; much like people flocking to request an autograph of a popular film star.
When making quality links to a website, there is more at stake than a simple popularity fulfillment. Web sites set up for revenue generation will look for two things before they link up. On the one hand, they will look for improvement in the rank of their website by linking up. On the other, they will estimate the improvement in the number of visitors if they do the linking. It is true that no two links are the same, and that there are so many more factors to be considered before back links can be called as quality links.
As per professionals in rank building and SEO, quality links have at least many elements that influence the linking value. Since it is not possible to cover and discuss all them, some of the more important ones can be discussed. The factors that have been picked up are the ones that professional SEOs consider to influence the value of links and the link juice that the link could pass. Most people understand the value of quality links in terms of the traffic that these generate.
Every factor has been accorded two influencing scales. The first influencing scale is graded from 1 to 5 for enhancing the value of the links. The second influencing scale has also been graded from 1 to 5, but for the dampening or the negative effect on the value of the links. Therefore, the scale runs as: 1 for no influence; 2 for fractional influence; 3 for moderate influence; 4 for strong influence; and 5 for very strong influence.
As per the above discussion, the 10 most important factors and their influencing values are:

Enhancing factors:

1. Anchor text – 4.56
2. Page authority (inbound link) – 4.38
3. Domain authority (quality of back links) – 4.38
4. Amount of outbound links ob page – 4.25
5. Total amount of links on page – 4.25
6. Age of domain – 4.06
7. Relevant authority (ranking on relevant keywords) – 3.94

Dampening factors:

8. Robots.txt excluded page – 4.75
9. Link is on penalized page – 4.50
10. JavaScript links – 3.88
As stated earlier, no two links are the same, and neither do different search engines look at links in the same manner. This makes the above results rather relative. However, this may change the influencing values, to some extent, for different search engines, but the change is likely to be in the same direction for all the factors.
The linking value has to be looked at from three different angles to be judged totally: The value your site is offering to the website linking back; the value that your site is offering their visitors; and the value that the additional traffic will bring to your website and business.

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Search engine optimization makes websites and businesses successful. But have you ever wondered how to make your search engine optimization efforts or Seo Metrics efforts successful? Well, the best thing to make one’s SEO strategy successful is to measure the results along the way to allow quick changes in strategy.
Now, the question is… what are the things to measure?

SEO Metrics to Measure

Search engine optimization is not a relax-all-day-while-watching-TV task. It requires a lot of focus,  analysis and measurements of results. Otherwise, one’s SEO strategy will be more of a waste of time, effort and even money.  So, measuring the most important metrics is a big priority when optimizing a website. Here are the things to measure:
• Traffic Quantity and Quality
• Inbound Links
• Traffic-Generating Keywords
• Referral Sources
• Social Media Mentions
These are considered as the backbone of any search engine optimization strategy. In fact, these are actually what most people work hard for.

Traffic Quantity and Quality

Of course, without traffic, a website is nothing but a lonely corner in the World Wide Web. So, it is important to monitor the flow of traffic in a website.
The number of visitors is a vital metric in the list. It defines how effective one’s SEO efforts are. Moreover, the quality of traffic should also be in mind. The quality involves how long visitors stay on the website, how often they come back and are they interacting with the website.

Inbound Links

Although, there are various kinds of links when it comes to SEO, inbound links are probably good signs of effective SEO Metrics efforts. These are links from other websites towards one’s optimized website. Once you are getting inbound links then it means that your website is getting visible in the search engines and other platforms.
This is also one of the most important SEO metrics to measure.

Traffic-Generating Keywords

It is also important to know which keywords allow your website to get traffic. Measuring this metric allows webmasters as well as SEO practitioners to determine which keywords to work on more for better optimization.

Referral Sources

Determining referral sources for traffic is also an important one when it comes to SEO. This involves the third party websites where most of a website’s traffic comes from. Knowing these referral sources will allow people reconstruct their strategies to either suit to those sources or to generate more traffic from other sources.

Social Media Mentions

Of course, social media cannot be removed from the Metrics for Seo efforts to measure. Social media is a platform where millions of people interact. Monitoring the mentions a website or brand gets and how often it is mentioned improves not only SEO Metrics but also customer relations.
When it comes to social media, it does not only limit you on working on Facebook and Twitter presence, but also in the blogosphere. This makes it easier for you to determine the efforts that should be changed and improved.
Just looking at these Seo Metrics , anyone will say that SEO is indeed not a relax-all-day-while-watching-TV task. But when properly done, your website will definitely be a generating income and leads all day site

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Best Google Analytics Tricks


The use of Google Analytics in blogging and website management has become a permanent part of everyone’s list of tools. But there are some people who are looking for ways on how to use this ( Google Analytics Tricks) overrated tool in a higher level.

This is why people are now looking for different tricks and techniques in utilizing the good old Google Analytics. Here are some Google Analytics Tricks you can try out.


Integrate With Other Google Products

Google Analytics can actually be considered as an all-in-one tool. But it can actually be better when used with other effective Google products such as Website Optimizer or Webmaster Tools.
This makes it essentially an everything-possible tool.
Website optimizer is a rather useful tool for determining the best website designs through conversion rates. Utilizing it with Google Analytics will definitely provide much more specific results.

Webmaster Tools can already be integrated with the Google Analytics interface. This provides a better and little more accurate understanding of the numbers and the Google Analytics properties.

A few other good tools to utilize with Google Analytics are Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. This is will allow users to monitor their website’s statistics as well as the trending stats of the World Wide Web.

Use Real-Time Reporting

Real-time tracking is an essential for every website owner. It makes it possible for web owners to specifically deal with issues, results and other website aspects on the exact time it is happening. It allows faster changes and reactions to results.
This Google tool will allow people to have a look of the things happening on the website at a specific time such as the current number of visitors to the website, what they are doing, what page they are at, where they were before and what their locations are.

Monitor Website Speed

Google Analytics recently released a rather useful feature – Site Speed. In these days when people have become more impatient and stubborn when it comes to online surfing, a slow loading website is just not a good thing.
Site Speed allows users to determine which web pages are having slower loading speeds. This is considerably a website essential and should be on everyone’s priority list. Otherwise, visitors will most likely press the Back button before the page even finish loading.

Customizing The Dashboard

Customizing one’s dashboards will certainly create an interface the user can easily use and understand. There are actually different widgets that users can integrate into their Google Analytics interface which can be of great help in tracking the website’s acquired visits, goals,and rate of bounces.

Google Analytics Tricks

Going with the “Flow”

Google Analytics’ Flow Visualization feature is a rather interesting tool. This will allow users to have a visual representation of how the visitors navigate through the site as well as displays a conversion funnel for people to analyze and base their improvements in.

Using Google Analytics would be a lot better and easier when used with a little sprinkle of the fairy dust of expert tricks and techniques.  Here are just some of Google Analytics Tricks that one can do for a better GA.

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Optimize For Google Search Results or Search engine optimization has become the top requirement when it comes to web development and management. In fact, SEO and Google (a search engine) gave way to a lot of opportunities online such as jobs as well as companies due to the demand and the intricacies of the craft. However, it only requires a couple of processes to start effectively Optimize For Google Search Results. And these processes are as easy as ABC. 


Why do Google SEO?

Let’s start with the basics. The reason behind why people are all into search engine optimization is to put their websites or blogs on the first page or perhaps on top of SERP’s or search engine result pages. Top Google results pages can be considered as what most people are working to be in.
Why do people want it to be on top? Well, here’s the deal: most search engine users enter a search and will most likely browse the first page and the second page of the results. So, the others located further than the 1st and 2nd pages wouldn’t get that much traffic than those at the first ones. This is the essence Optimize For Google Search Results optimization.

Google Search Optimization

Optimization depends on a couple of aspects that requires proper research as well as proper execution. Most of these are basics in terms of search engine optimization but are the things that would most likely affect a website’s Google results from visibility.

• Keyword Optimization – Keywords are the epitome of search engine optimization. In fact, these keywords are the thing that drives people from the search engines to the most relevant blogs and websites on the internet. So, the use of the proper keywords is crucial in Optimize For Google Search Results. The use of long tail keywords or the more specific keyword phrases is among the ways to make this even more effective.

• On-Page Optimization
 – the overall “look” and “feel” of the website. It concerns everything from the design, content, tags, usability, URL structure, keywords and much more.  This is actually the breeding ground of most SEO strategies.

• Off-Page Optimization – this is the optimization efforts or activity done outside the website or other places on the internet. Usually, this is focused on building links towards a particular website.

• Content Optimization – This is focused on making a website’s content more viable for search engines. This is also focused on relevant and appropriate keywords and key phrases. Usually, these are images, articles, videos and many other types of content. Optimization takes place in the content’s titles, descriptions, body, and tags. Content is an important aspect when it comes to Optimize For Google Search Results.

• Regular Updates and Posts – regularly publishing content material on a website makes it easier to be indexed in Google’s database. In fact, new posts with proper optimization efforts create a bigger opportunity for websites to gain a high position in the SERP’s.
Google plays a bigger role in search engine optimization. This is why most web owners and developers are concentrating on their website’s presence and competitiveness with regards Google search results in optimization.


How to Attract Authority Links

Link building is a vital part  of search engine optimization. Without links, then a website won’t get far in terms of success. Links are undoubtedly one of the most important things for a website. However, out of all other types of links on the internet, there is one that has a bigger impact on a website than the other types. Those links are authority links.


What are these links? 
Authority links are links made from high ranking, high-reputation, popular websites towards a particular website. Authority sites included educational institutions, government websites, ultra-popular blogs, large company websites and the likes.
Honestly, many people are getting a hard time getting this kind of links and it is just normal. So, most people are actually doing double efforts to acquire these links in one way or another.
There is, by far, no reason why people should not get these links to their blogs or websites. These links are actually considered as the diamonds in link building. They are precious and hard to get.
But there are several ways how people can increase the chance of acquiring or even just attracting authority links to their websites.

Create Intriguing Content

Aside from making an excellent and well-made content, the intrigue factor of content is still a crucial aspect.
A website’s content should be able to attract the authority sites’ attentions enough to drive them of linking to that website. Doing a review or perhaps creating a content about a particular authority site that will strike a hot conversation among many users will definitely create a massive impact.

Be a Guest Blogger/Writer

This is rather a good tactic to utilize. Looking for a popular blog or website to submit a guest post in is the next step. Of course, after creating that guest post, the guest writer will have the full freedom of including inbound links in the content. This is simple yet an effective way to get a taste of authority links.

Be Present Everywhere 

Being present in places where targeted audience is lurking is a good tactic as well. It is like mine planning where to mine the gold. Popular forums and social media websites are good places to look into. Getting authority links from reputable and popular personalities on Twitter is also a great achievement.
Being vigilant is important when it comes to link building. Being able to locate where in the ocean most of the fish is staying is a golden skill for fishermen. Same goes with link builders.

Be a Help to Others

What would a website do if someone posted something good about them or perhaps posted a tutorial about their service or product? Of course, by all means, that website will link to that Good Samaritan’s website.
This is what “Be a Help to Others” mean. Contact a particular website and ask how you can be of service. Help them and you get your precious authority links.
Attracting authority links is a no brainer if you know what to do. With a little bit of creativity and some persistence, authority links are not far from reach.

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