About New Penguin Updates

The Penguin algorithm update was designed to attack and de-rank a large subset of Internet website whose SEO practices were thought to use “black hat” strategies. The Google algorithm change thus went after pages and URLs that were doing three main things:

1. Stuffing their content with keywords so that it attracts search bot attention instead of focusing on giving quality to human readers
2. Spamming the Internet with back links on low-quality websites, content farms, link farms and through comment spam.
3. Monopolizing all of their backlinks and some of their content with too much use of a single keyword, resulting in a strategy that more resembles keyword spam. Since its release, Penguin has generated a lot of talks and it’s easy to get lost in the noise, forgetting what might be important. Thus, here are five distilled points you need to know that will guide you and your site through managing Penguin.

About New Penguin Updates

About New Penguin Updates

1. Penguin doesn’t embody anything new.
The policies that Penguin (and its predecessor Panda) embody and enforce are not a new change in Google policy. They have always been the desired outcome of the search giant’s index. The only difference is that they are now being more actively enforced through these two algorithms and all their updates.

In other words, Google is getting more determined to act intelligently and actively clean its search listings of what it views as low quality. Most search users who just want information that’s actually useful to them would agree with the criteria in fact.
2. It’s not the end of the world.
Despite the Clamor from many affected sectors of the Internet that would have had you thinking it was the end of the world; the Penguin updates were not as widespread, devastating or random as you might be thinking. Google released their algorithm change to address highly specific issues with the black hat tendencies of a number of websites.

They did this for the sake of improving search for their users and largely went after a specific subset of sites that were either manipulating their ranking either by tricking the search bots or by overdoing it with the keyword stuffing of content instead of actually trying to provide relevant and informative content.

If your website was not doing these sorts of things, it is very unlikely to be affected by Penguin. In fact, even the first, worst, Penguin update of April 2012 only affected an estimated 3% of the pages indexed by Google -a small percentage to be sure.
3. If Penguin did affect you, you can undo the damage.
As we’ve already said, Penguin affected highly specific SEO practices on the Internet and if you were accidentally or purposely engaging in those practices, you were probably knocked down a notch or two in the search engine rankings.

Now that you’ve been punished, you need to change what you were doing wrong, wait for the next search bot reexamination and wait as your index rank slowly creeps upwards. It will be a bit of a slow process but at least it will happen. Eventually, as long as you improve your SEO practices, you will recoup lost rank.

Flesh out your content, make it more natural and engaging to human readers; eliminate all of your low quality backlinks to any suspicious or spammy websites: where possible, get rid of exact word match anchor text backlinks and start from scratch with a new backlink campaign that’s organic, based on trust, relevance and which involves searching for quality sites with relevance to your own site in which to place your backlinks.
4. Penguin is just the beginning.
Google is getting smarter by the day and it will only be harder to keep up with black hat tactics that work, with the constant daily risk of de-ranking or even delisting hanging over your URL’s head.

The company has the interests of its hundreds of millions of search users as its bottom line, since they are Google’s bottom line and because the entire earning structure of Google -including Adwords, Adsense, and other ad formats—is dependent on a growing user base that searches based on high quality relevance in the results they get.

Google pairs its ads with those results; the higher their quality and relevance, the more Google learns. Black hat tactics are a hindrance to this basic goal. Thus, they are being squeezed ever hard and will continue to be squeezed out ever harder.
5. You need to focus on ‘white hat’ SEO and creating value.

Forget rushing your way upwards through the search engine rankings by trying to create thousands of backlinks through link farms, content sites or Blog comments; forget to try to attract the notice of search bots by writing content that was designed to trick them or feed them tons of keywords, forget about posting articles in low-quality websites that are designed mainly for search engine manipulation instead of human reader engagement.

Instead of risking this kind of catastrophic loss, just focus on the quality optimization strategies that are stable and have always worked. Focus on building valuable content, getting it noticed, getting it shared through social media and other people’s pages due to genuine interest.

Focus also on building up a series of guest posts and articles in high-quality sites that are relevant to yours, all of which link back (without exact match anchor text if possible) to relevant pages on your own website.

With this kind of long-term SEO strategy, you will be building a much more stable ranking that leaves you to worry free about future algorithm updates. You will achieve this because you’re working towards the same aims that Google has -providing quality content to Internet users.

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Website tags hold prime importance to increase web traffic and you should realize how to use them to their full potential to have maximum benefit. Let’s find out how to optimize these tags to have maximum benefit in increasing traffic to your website. As you know, keywords are extremely important when it comes to search engine traffic.

What do we mean by keywords? Well, these are the words searched by the users on search engines. For example, assume you want to brush up your English language skills, how would you go about it on the search engines? The words which immediately come to our mind are “how to learn English”, “learn English online”, “learn English free”, “learn English fast” etc.

Increase Web Traffic

Increase Web Traffic to Your Blog

Go find out the monthly search volume for these words. You can see that these terms have been searched millions of times every month on these search engines. Therefore a particular search phrase becomes an important keyword if so many people search for the same term. You can verify this on Google.

Go to Google and type “learn” and you can see that Google has provided so many options in drop-down list relating to the word “learn” and when you type further to “learn English” you can see that Google is providing more variety suggestions for the term “learn English”.

That means this Google keeps a tab on most searched word phrases and it is important to target these keywords to increase web traffic. Therefore, you need to find out the top selling keywords for your niche and target these keywords on your website to increase website traffic.

Assume you have a website to learn English. You need to get a keyword tracking tool and find out all the major keywords which are relevant to the basic keyword “learn English”. Now it’s time to have these keywords on your website to increase your search engine rankings.

Where to place these keywords so that the search engines will be intimated that your website is relevant to that particular keyword? As you can see, there is a fierce competition going on to keep one’s website indexed on top of the search results.

It is important to have your keyword appear on the first page itself if you want this to happen since increasing web traffic is your main concern. Yes, appearing on the first page is not an easy task you will have to make use of so many search engine strategies to come up with that amazing feet.

Well, of course, Google especially gives importance if you have the keyword present in your content. Google or any other search engines will be glad to send more traffic if they find out that your content has the keyword appearing enough number of times.

However, one thing should be remembered that Google doesn’t give license to stuff your content with keywords alone as it will surely backfire. So, having these keywords present in the title tag and description tag will help the search engines to realize that your content deserves to be on the first page itself.

Therefore, be smart and try to have the keywords in the title and description tag to increase the relevance of your web page for a particular keyword. Increased web traffic is every webmaster’s dream and they should work hard for this dream to be a reality.

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a new age way to push further business your way. This can be done by making your web presence, more visible, whether it is a page or a site. The idea is to optimize your website using keywords and other information to ensure high visibility but not crowding. To Be Entrepreneurs in Online Seo is the main Platform to Started marketing Business. Entrepreneurs Need SEO.

Entrepreneurs Need SEO

This means that no matter what search it is, whether it is pictures, text, videos, localized or not, good SEO tactics will work by keeping your page at the top of relevant searches.  It is possible to make SEO work for you by concentrating not only on content but also on simple aspects of your site, like drop down menus, designs and even the checkout carts that customers might use.

But search engines like Google are coming down hard on SEOs for a variety of reasons. That means businesses can’t have a one-size-fits-all policy and need to almost constantly change their game. This is a cause for concern not just for SEO operators but also for entrepreneurs.

If you’re trying to build a strong online presence, remember it has to start with your knowing about the internet. Just as you understand the business environment you work in, you should know the web world your business inhabits. This will further enhance your understanding of how best to help your business grow.

Yes, initially it might be trial and error and you might be a little disappointed, but practice makes perfect and you will just have to soldier on.  The new changes can be bewildering but the trick is to keep calm and not change business strategies or future plans according to new algorithms.

Remember SEO is one of the many things you’ll do to increase business so do keep the overall picture and future expansion plans in mind before you act. For instance, don’t worry about top rankings or toolbar ranks. Worry about backlinks instead. So Entrepreneurs Need SEO.

Even the number of visitors to your site may not always be crucial because you’re looking for maximum conversion, even if only a few people visit. Instead, you can focus on is how often and how long it takes for a customer to commit to doing something on your site, either to sign up or to buy a product.

If your business is not talked about on Facebook or is not part of a tweet, don’t fret. Just ensure that you’re in the right kind of trends and go about your business as usual. As an entrepreneur, you could capitalize on back links but you must also ensure that if your business is represented as a link elsewhere, that people actually come to your website and not just ignore it. So Entrepreneurs Need SEO.

This means tracking how much traffic comes your way from other sites and the duration of people’s visits to your web page. What can help matters is if you don’t look at links as your end goal? Think of a good online presence as your end goal and the links will follow suit.

Do remember to focus on different types of search engines and not just Google.  For instance, don’t underestimate voice-enabled searches. With the iPhone5 being the toast of the town, search assistants like Apple’s Siri will gain more and more precedence and your SEO should be geared towards handling that. Entrepreneurs Need SEO

This means your information will need to be molded to suit different situations because Siri is an intuitive search solution provider. Google’s own Nexus also has a smart search option called Google Now that runs pretty much on the same principal. So consider SEO from these angles. SEO is a great way to further your business. Do your homework so you can get the most out of it.

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The Internet is a vast source of wealth for those who know how to tap into it properly. The first step for most is to set up a website, but this takes careful planning and execution.

These five keys will help guide your decisions as you make your website successful and start tapping into the money to be made online.
Choosing the Right Domain Name
Domain names can make or break any website. You can set up a website without registering a domain name, but visitors to the site are less likely to trust it, or the business behind it, if it has a generic site name.

Make Your Site a Success

For instance, popular blogging platforms can be used to set up a basic e-commerce site without a domain name, but this will impact the customer’s trust.

Registering a domain name makes the business look credible. Choose a name that matches your branding goals and is easy to remember and spell.
Define Your Target Market
As with any marketing endeavor, when designing your website, you need to define your target market. While your website can reach just about anyone, you probably have a target demographic in mind.

Make sure that you know this customer base, and provide them with a site that meets their needs and clearly answers the questions they tend to have about your product or service.  After you have clearly defined your target user, use that definition to guide the design of your site.
Make Your Site Visible
Once you have created your site, you need to make it visible. How do you do this? Proper search engine optimization will help your site to be the first one that people see in the search engines, which is the best sort of visibility.

Optimization refers to the steps a website owner takes to achieve a top search engine result for the site. This includes keyword research, optimized content, linking to your site from other sites and utilizing sites like Citysearch and Yelp to get localized listings when applicable.
Keep the Structure Logical
One mistake that many new website owners make is creating a site that is not logical in its structure. If your customers cannot find what they need quickly, they are going to click away.

A visually pleasing structure that offers a bar of links along the top and engaging content above the fold is going to draw more success than one that is haphazard in its design.
Most customers expect to see the following links on the page:
•    Home
•    Contact Us
•    About
•    Menu or Store
•    Shipping/Returns Policy (for online stores)
•    Shopping Cart (for online stores)
•    FAQs
If your site is missing one of these, take a good look at whether or not it is something you can add. If it is appropriate to your business, then you need to consider adding it.
Set up an Income Generator
In the end, your site will only be successful if you are getting paid. For many online entrepreneurs, income comes through selling a product or service, but this is not the only way to get paid online.

You can create ad campaigns or sell ad space on the site to generate income. As you make these decisions, make sure that whatever you choose is in line with the ultimate goal of your site and does not interfere with the overall design layout.

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Video content presents visual facts about your content to your frequent and one-time visitors.
Video content optimization is, therefore, necessary if you want to increase traffic to your site as well as communicate to your visitors efficiently about new products and services.


This article will concentrate on optimizing video content and what needs to be done for the procedure to be successful.
Do you know how many YouTube hits take a toll in a single day on a single hit video? Sometimes, there are thousands, sometimes millions or even more if the video content had good information or is too entertaining.


Video content optimization is the process by which video material in a website is customized such that traffic is increased.
Generally, according to recent research study results, the video has been said to stand a chance of improving and or increasing traffic to websites more than the common SEO strategies.
Search engines have always been on the frontline to transform search results to something concrete and worth looking.
Recently there have been lots of achievements on this endeavor and thus why video optimization has been targeted.

Where are you planning on hosting your content?

When you plan on hosting videos, video optimizing should be a measure you cannot evade.
video seo tips
This is because you will have several choices; two of these choices are mostly used.

One of them deals with hosting the desired video on someone else’s site whereas the other deals with hosting the same video on your own site.

If you believe that your site has enough traffic, you can host it on your own site.

Many times, people use common hosting channels like in YouTube and direct the video to their own site, they can have part of the video at those sites and the remaining part at their own site or even have the entire video at that site as well as provide a link to the video in cases somebody wanted to view more of a related kind.


This is why the video has been said to build your rank on the internet faster than traditional SEO. All this is possible once you have taken your time towards optimizing video to fit the target objective.

Choosing your title is very important

Just like SEO where keyword density and application are a matter to consider in addition to a striking title, the same case applies with video optimizing to improve traffic. Make sure that the title is obvious to people searching the internet.
The best way to do this is to put yourself in that situation (a person searching the internet).

Video URLS optimization


URL video optimizing is very important, especially if you are trying to reach a particular target audience. This is also important part of Video content optimization


You need to include video URLS on the main page of the site; this is because, from the results of the search engine, this is what acts like the landing page to your site.

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Whether its complex advanced international search, when your website optimizing, you are on the verge of increasing traffic to the site which in return will increase your product sales as more people will be learning about your company and what you have to offer.

What does site optimization mean? website optimizing

Search Engine Optimization is the easiest way of attaining increased traffic to your site.

However, SEO (search engine optimization/ website optimizing) doesn’t apply that easily, you need to know how to craft your content to be SEO rich such that the content will be easily found. Most of the things that matter a lot in this endeavor would be the URL, the title of the content and the page, Meta description, tags (H1 and H2) the entire content. How will you optimize a website with SEO? What does optimize website entail? Site optimization with SEO requires you to follow several steps. Here we are going to look at a few of those steps and how to go about it.

Keyword stuffing

Just because you have to use keywords and strategically position them in the content doesn’t mean you apply them anyhow.
Keywords need to appear naturally in the content according to the preceding sentence and the phrase at hand.

Note that site optimization, in this case, will entail blogging and how it is a great way to leverage and increase traffic to your site.

You need to make sure that keywords aren’t placed in the case of placing; every keyword needs to make sense to the reader. Not only the reader but also search engines do not like keyword stuffing.

Application of blogging

Small and large companies are engaging in blogging a lot, those sites already in this practice are those doing corporate blogging. Unlike personal blogs, corporate blogs are specially crafted entailing business professionalism. Blogging boosts local search and makes your rankings to be high.

This is, however, attainable in cases where keyword density has been thought for. You can post blogs on current events, local government policies or other business interests.

The target audience in blogs is very important; make sure the content addresses the right groups of people, and that it is well optimized in the message. This is what site optimization is all about.

How local link building features in optimization

Local link building is all about traffic, this is where you have to use social media, join associations and organizations, directory submission among other procedures.

Social media is one of the leading platforms in site optimization. You can use Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn to direct your fans to your sites. As in the case of Facebook or Twitter, the likes you get do enable you to get more traffic boosts.

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