Titling an article for SEO

Some may think that, with the title we are going back to the basics. But you are right, we are. For both the recent entrants into the SEO world and long-time habitats, the importance of having compelling Article for SEO friendly titles for articles, can’t be underestimated. But, most of us are yet to master the fine art of creating compelling titles for our items that will sit well with our readers and Google’s crawlers.
Let’s begin understanding the importance of establishing an effective title for articles that is compelling, keyword infused, relevant to the article and appeals to the readers. Titles are the first points of conversion where a casual browser gets converted into an authentic user. Even if you have created an excellent article that will strike a chord with your readers, your story may not find any takers if you don’t create an equally impressive title for your article. Here are few tips and tricks on titling an article for SEO.

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